WAYMART—Borough Council voted to grant a conditional use permit to Old No. 3 Station Auto Sales, a new business set to open on Route 6 in July.

“In consulting with our zoning ordinance, we find that this purpose of this property is within our objectives and standards of the Waymart Borough Comprehensive Plan,” stated Planning Committee Chairperson Jane Varcoe as she moved to grant the permit.

Speaking on behalf of Old No. 3 Station, Attorney Mike Farley stated, “I'd like to thank council for their vote of confidence for our business.”

Farely stated that with the conditional use approval the final applications could be sent on to Harrisburg for final authorization.

“We hope to have everything up and running by mid-July … but in the meantime, we did some research in both purchasing newer used vehicles and classic cars.

“We're also gonna be taking orders for any kind of automobile the greater public is looking for,” he said.

The exact grand-opening is yet to be determined. Farley stated that he would return to council's July meeting to announce it to the public.

Present with Farley at the meeting was Matthew Armstrong, the company's soon-to-be vehicle notary.

He offered a laconic “thank you” to council.

Farley first appeared with the conditional use request at the borough's May council meeting.

He explained the company plans to operate out of the old Wayco building at 18 Maple Street and Route 6.

Also helping with business operations are Farley's brother Patrick and his father Tom.


New heating system

Council approved the installation of a new heat pump system in the Ambulance Building at their recent meeting.

As earlier reported, the heating system failed over the winter. The decision came down between a propane system which offered a cheaper initial cost but only provided heating and an electric heat pump system which offered both heat and air conditioning for a slightly higher initial installation.

At the May meeting, the propane system was quoted at $2,875 and the heat pump system at $3,650.

Utilities Committee Chairperson Randy Thorpe said the electric heating was cheaper and more efficient in the long run.

Council agreed to install the electric heat pump pending an agreement with Steve Fish from Cottage Hose to split the cost.

Thorpe announced at the June meeting that Fish agreed thus prompting council's action to install the heat pump.