WAYNE COUNTY — The Wayne Highlands Education Association has announced that The Wayne County Food Pantry Program is the recipient of its February 2017 WHEA Community Outreach Program Grant.

The program is funded by WHEA members and WHSD staff who dress down one day a month for a total of ten months, contributing $50.00 a year to do so.

With more than 226 participants, the Association is able to award $1,100 grants to non-profits, many of which are hurting for funding and making every dollar stretch.

A check for $1,100 was delivered by WHEA President Todd D. Miller to Kathleen Chicoski, Pantry Director for Wayne County Human Services agency.

Pictured are Mr. Miller, a Honesdale High School Social Studies teacher, Ms. Chicoski, and some of the participants in the program at the Damascus Elementary and Middle School.

The funding will support the Pantry’s monthly food distribution to those in need in the community.

The Wayne County Food Pantry Program helps about 550 households each month with a bag or box of food to help stretch limited household budgets.

A monthly food bag contains a variety of household foods such as canned fruit, vegetables, meats, spaghetti, soup, cereal, juice, and other items.

There are five pantry location sites spread throughout the county: Damascus, Honesdale, Lakeville, Lakewood, and Newfoundland.

More information on the food pantry can be obtained by calling 570-253-4262 between 8:00 AM and 4:00 PM, Monday through Friday, by emailing kchicoski@waynecountypa.gov or by U.S. mail to Wayne County Food Pantry, 323 Tenth Street, Honesdale, PA 18431.

The Wayne Highlands Education Association is so grateful for the work done by the Wayne County Food Pantry, and recognizes them for the valuable work that they do every month, year in and year out, throughout the community.