VARDEN—Western Wayne High School seniors Ellie Motichka and Nicholas Antidormi are being honored this week as WVIA's two picks for “Artist of the Week.” The program highlights exceptional young artists in grades 10-12 with brief vignettes on and

According to a press release given by Allison Mattern, the vignettes will be featured for the week of January 1st -7th , 2017, but will remain on WVIA's website for the rest of the year.

Moreover, both Motichka and Antidormi are candidates to be voted “Artist of the Year,” further accentuating their accomplishments.

When asked about the award, both students admitted they were surprised when their teachers told them.

After the initial shock wore off, Antidormi stated he was really excited, feeling that it was “one of the best things to happen in my High-school career.”

Motichka, too, was ecstatic, mentioning that she felt “proud and honored” at getting the award because it “was a chance for me to represent my school,” she said, punctuating her response with an outcry of pride for Western Wayne.

Both students present mastery over a variety of disciplines.

Motichka, being honored as the Performing Artist of the Week, is an accomplished flute and piccolo player, as well as a member of the Wildcats' chorus. Additionally, she has dabbled in Theatre Arts and Music Theory courses to grow her performing artist repertoire.

She has been invested in her musical career now for six years, having first been inspired to play from the joy she got in hearing the flute. “It's what I love to do,” she said, reflecting on her years of practice. She won her title for her performance of danse de la chevre, a piece she perfected as her solo piece at the Pennsylvania Music Educator's Association District 9 music competition.

Antidormi was awarded the title of Visual Artist of the Week for his diverse talents in pencil drawing, ceramics, print making and graphic shirt design. Ever creative, Antidormi devotes his free time to experimenting with new mediums and design techniques, and has for most of his life. According to him, “I've basically been doing art since I was like two.”

Antidormi was able to cultivate his artistic curiosity even more through his elective art courses at Western Wayne High School.

This year alone he mentioned having classes in water color, mixed media, studio art, ceramics and 3-D design.

Antidormi's even taken to artistic lighting sculpture, presenting a stellar Christmas lighting display which Motichka jokingly described as “a mini Nay Aug Park.”

Both Motichka and Antidormi plan to continue their artistic exploits in the future.

While he isn't quite sure what shape it will take, Antidormi is adamant he will pursue his art “in some form.”

Motichka, on the other hand, has plans to attend a four year university to study Music Education.

While she is as of yet undecided about which school she wants to attend, she has been accepted to Westchester University, Indiana University of Pennsylvania and Mansfield University.

These two outstanding emerging artists will continue to be featured on and until Saturday January 7th.

Log on to see their minute-long vignettes and vote to make them each the Artist of the Year in their respective disciplines.