HONESDALE – The parking meters in Honesdale will soon no longer accept nickels and dimes, but only quarters.

Department of Public Works Director Rich Doney said the move is not a money-making initiative, but it will eliminate confusion regarding the 10-hour meters in the area of the county courthouse.

Those meters, unlike others in the borough, do not register time when nickels or dimes are placed in them. As a result, there have been instances when people who have gotten tickets contacted the parking enforcement officer wanting them voided, Doney said.

“It's not that we're trying to raise rates. It will just eliminate problems,” he said.

Parking Enforcement Officer Alice Warnock added the problems with nickels and dimes are not limited to the 10-hour meters, but there have been similar issues on Main Street.

Councilman Bill Canfield, chairman of the streets committee, said the move will bring all of the meter prices into uniformity and eliminate confusion.

He also noted a quarter gets a driver an hour in the parking spot, compared to municipalities like Carbondale and Scranton, where a quarter will only get a driver 15 minutes in a spot.

“We have the cheapest parking meter costs in the area,” Canfield said.

The borough has 511 parking meters.

It was unclear how long it will take to implement the quarters-only transition, as the borough has to order certain equipment and other supplies to make the mechanical changes to the meters.