- The following Marriage Licenses and Divorce Decrees were issued at the Wayne County Courthouse, Honesdale, during the month of July, 2014:


Marriage Licenses

• Damian Charles Gregg and Caressa Lea Lill

• Peter Markeeo Gillo and Esi Kagale Agyeman

• Richard Silva and Felicia Yamin Cortijo

• Dylan Jacob Ulmer and Amanda Kristine Lainhart

• Matthew John Ferraro and Dorisa Jo Minor

• Norman John Meyer and Marie Louise Winters

• Russell Scott Johnson and Chelsea Ann Sexton

• Craig Stewart Rafaniello and Brandy Allene Mitchell

• Michael Trai Pope and Jessica Marie Sangster

• John William Riggers and Megan Lindsey Stanton

• Steven Karl Lunzman and Penny Melissa Williams

• Joseph Roach and Susan Beth Farina

• Dustin Skate Michael Degroat and Cira Jo Rothenberger

• Frank David Fendelander Jr. and Darlene Marie Hitsman

• Edward Michael Buddie and Kirra Mae Wayman

• Frank Leonard Andolino II and Jessica Marie Hanstine

• Daniel Joseph Rutledge and Amanda Michelle Meyer

• Donald Ward and Lauren Marie Stevens

• Kevin Frederick Trevor and Erica Katlyn Kizer

• Justin Paul Wittenbrader and Carrie Renee Krautter

• Wilson Foster Dolph and Erika Sue Laskowski

• Frederick Joseph Hendershot and Sharon Lynn Mills

• Daniel Ryan Post and Kacie Elizabeth Conklin

• Martin John O’Hara IV and Sarah Mae Signore

• Valerie Rose Hadu and Sonja Anita Kaschlaw

• Michael Andre Golino and Courtney Allison Mann

• Eric Stephen Tallman and Kristin Nichole Weaver

• Scott Robert Perry and Laura Marie Miller

• Kenneth Richard Beyers and Judith Rooney

• Bradley William Tigue and Danielle Shae Savatino

• Corey B. Peterson and Nadine Marie Dolph


Divorce Decrees

• Janet Vallone vs. Felix Vallone

• James H. Montgomery III vs. Tanya N. Montgomery

• Edward R. Knowles vs. Christine Eccles-Knowles

• Richard Ballou vs. Aleta Elaine Ballou

• Diane Janina Estus vs. Friend Estus

• Robert A. Schweinsburg vs. Jessica E. Schweinsburg (AKA)

• Lori Curtis vs. Eric Curtis

• Rosmarie Pace vs. Robert W. Pace

• Lori Kizer vs. Adam Kizer


Property transfers

The following property deed transfers for the month of July 2014 were recorded at the Wayne County Courthouse, Honesdale, PA. Abbreviations used are as follows: Exr.: Executor; AF: Attorney-in-Fact; TR: Trustee; ADM: Administrator


Berlin Township

July 2: Eugene V. and Diane M. Somma, a property to Michelle R. and Clayton J. Chesnutt, $345,000.00

July 11: Lois J. Avery, Lois J. Avery Schwartz and Albert H. Schwartz, a property to Chris M. Demuro, $100,000.00

July 17: U.S. Bank National Association TR by AF and Ocwen Loan Servicing AF, a property to Hill Top Mansion, $356,000.00

July 18: Bryan C. Maraza and Carol M. Maraza, a property to Paul D. and Karen S. Henry, $9,000.00


Buckingham Township

July 2: R F B Inc., a property to Walter T. and Susan Bobel, $125,000.00

July 8: Constance A. Ott, a property to Philip H. and Amy L. Green, $90,000.00

July 10: Paul T. and Carolynn D. Molinaro, a property to Kevin Schrader, $28,000.00

July 18: Dixie Prusik Dix and Gerald A. Dix, a property to Ordie E. Price and Aline J. Price, $198,440.00

July 24: Michael G. Leonard and Barbara R. Leonard, a property to Larry Flinn, $260,000.00


Canaan Township

July 7: Daniel T. Williams Sr. and Kathy K. Williams, a property to Rani A. Crozier and Eugene Vital, $180,000.00

Cherry Ridge Township

July 22: Christine R. Scott ADM and Robert B. Scott EST, a property to Mark Dennis and Mary Beth Dennis, $120,000.00

July 31: Jerome P. and Patricia W. Smith, a property to Matthew J. and Kristi Downey, $40,000.00


Clinton Township

July 3: David and Darlene Miller, a property to Angela Stewart, $270,000.00

July 14: Dime Bank, a property to David L. and Darlene C. Miller, $130,000.00

July 21: Michelle A. Schlosser and Michelle A. Lopez, a property to Thomas J. Burrier III, $98,000.00

July 29: Anthony M. Monti, a property to Catherine J. Rickard, $130,000.00


Damascus Township

July 3: Arnold E. Dutton Jr. and Dianna Lea Dutton, a property to Panayiotis N. Falas and Harriet Banis, $266,000.00

July 3: Louis A. and Antoinette Citarelli, a property to Patrick J. Nearing, $48,000.00

July 3: Orvis M. and Ruth C. Schuman, a property to Linda J. Barriger, $25,000.00

July 10: Andrew M. Hocker, a property to Blue Water Two, $89,000.00

July 11: Clement G. Flynn and Penny M. Flynn, a property to David and Meaghan Simpson, $146,000.00

July 14: Constance I. Scott, a property to Julia Wittich, $16,500.00

July 17: Therese M. Vankeuren, a property to George A. Schumpp Sr. and Christa Schumpp, $150,000.00

July 18: Charlotte Wilson EST AKA, Charlotte Green Wilson EST AKA, Steven T. Roe EXR and Charlotte C. Green EST AKA, $72,000.00

July 31: John J. Batten III and Sonja M. D. Batten, a property to Robert and Denise Ellis, $80,000.00

July 31: Russell Andersen and Susan Federspiel, a property to Thomas and Amanda Cordner, $191,500.00

Dreher Township

July 2: Nancy M. Norris, a property to Robert L. Dickinson, $500.00

July 2: A.L. Seifert EST AKA, Arlington Leroy Seifert EST AKA, Arlington Seifert EST AKA, Arlington Seifert EST AKA, Arlington L. Seibert EST AKA and Darlene R. Salsbery EXR, a property to Andrew C. King and Alicia Tobias, $130,000,00

July 7: Patricia A. Scaduto, a property to Ronald J. Donnelly, $6,000.00

July 14: Walter and Aves Davis, a property to P P L Electric Utilities Corporation, $8,400.00

July 22: Lance Einar Edward Peters and Analia Peters, a property to Leonid G. Radchin, $48,500.00

July 25: Elizabeth Althouse EST AKA, Elizabeth E. Althouse EST AKA and Robert G. Althouse Jr. EXR, $60,000.00

July 28: Peter B. and Donna M. Erndl, a property to Joseph and Cathryn Adamec, $7,000.00

July 11: Nick and Ignacia Papiomitis, a property to Dhaniram Ramnarine and Christine Carmen Schaefer, $65,000.00


Dyberry Township

July 15: Heide E. Kwestel, a property to Alat Shantz Tigunait, $165,000.00

July 17: William Fasceski, a property to Jamie Fogg and William Fasceski, $1.00

July 18: Clinton P Dennis Sr., a property to J T L Realty, $1,900.00


Hawley Borough

July 18: Volt T N P L IX Asset Holdings Trust by AF and Caliber Home Loans Inc. AF, a property to David R. and Nancy E. Leonetti, $55,500.00


Honesdale Borough

July 3: George Dasilva by Sheriff and Patricia Dasilva by Sheriff, a property to Gerald C. Case Jr., $19,149.85

July 3: Sally J. Tulley TR, Donna L. Weist TR, Joy A. Granquist TR, Pamela A. Ropke TR, Miller Family Trust, a property to Erica L. Booth, $100,000.00

July 11: J B Estreet Properties, a property to Daniel J. and Heather Marie Hiller, $156,000.00

July 14: Jeffrey Lynn Reynolds EXR, Lynn George Reynolds ESR Aka, and Lynn G. Reynolds EST AKA, a property to B R Group, $110,000.00

July 25: Gerald J. Ennis EST AKA, Gerald Joseph Ennis EST AKA and Anne Marie McGinley, a property to Timothy and Angela Lauffenburger, $128,000.00

July 29: Robert Hugg and Janet Hugg, a property to Edward James and Marion E. Delong, $109,500.00

July 29: William McConnell EXR and Doloes M. Stegner EST, a property to Walter H. Horst, $110,000.00

July 31: Harold L. Hanson AKA, Lars Hanson AKA, and Cynthia Sue Hanson, a property to Nicholas Bamonte and Michael Dojlidko, $ 360,000.00


Lake Township

July 1: Eileen Perrier, a property to Francis J. and Jennifer Briganti, $100,000.00

July 2: Ellen A. Maletsky, David Maletsky and Shari G. Maletsky, a property to Benjamin Hernandez, $126,600.00

July 3: Peter William Blaich and Irene Mary Blaich, a property to Thomas G. and Maureen A. Elkins, $159,000.00

July 3: Steven and Janet Wolcott, a property to Anthony J. and Marianne E. Anzalone, $95,000.00

July 3: Maggie Rosario EXR and Dennis Galamb EST, a property to Bruce Weinman, $196,000.00

July 3: Maggie Rosario EXR and Dennis Galamb EST, a property to Bruce Weinman, $5,000.00

July 7: Jeffrey S. Treat, a property to Lake One Two Six Eight Five, $4,787.93

July 11: Lillian Marshall, a property to Joseph Clifford and Catherine Curtin, $340,000.00

July 14: Marie Denise Guarriello and Marie Denise Giamportone, a property to Richard A. Clendenning and Pamela Ryan, $55,000.00

July 14: Donn M and Ralph Nappi, a property to Nataliya R. Oginska and Yelena Ruinsky, $175,000.00

July 16: Dudley K. Vail and Joyce Mary Vail, a property to Richard A. Stein and Anita L. Carlevale, $85,000.00

July 21: James and Elaine Sokol, a property to Robert G. Hudson, $85,000.00

July 21: Tobyhanna Federal Credit Union, a property to Leanna Blazoser, $81,185

July 24: Sandra K. Enslin and Ronald A. Brooks Sr., a property to Scott A. Davis and Jennifer A. Davis, $65,000.00

July 29: William J. Gershey, a property to Joel Stephen Gershey, $1.00

July 29: Veterans Affairs, a property to Rudolph J. Denize and Sydney M. Espana, $45,000.00


Lebanon Township

July 24: Judith F. Froehlich, a property to Lawrence Pulver, Christine Ryan Pulver and Christine Ryanpulver, $117,000.00


Lehigh Township

July 2: McPro Realty, a property to Timothy and Melissa Meyer, $83,000.00

July 3: Joseph Turiano, a property to Mayor Maria Antonia Prado, $5,000.00

July 10: Henry Johnson Jr., a property to Michael A. Rutz Jr and Stephanie Rutz, $500.00

July 10: Yvonne M. Adubato, a property to Stephanie Gazer, $7,500.00

July 15: Olaf Preiss, a property to Elvis Aaron Hrsto, $2,000.00

July 16: Raymond A. and Joan S. Stedenfeld, a property to Dean and Andrea Leshock, $112,500.00

July 16: Pocono Ranchettes Manintenance & Recreation, a property to Jaqueline Wietry, $2,500.00

July 17: John Heise, a property to Shawn Halloran, $7,500.00

July 18: Hoda Sider, a property to Rite Pac G R P Inc., $1.00

July 21: Ronald Strelish, a property to William and Lynn Hering, $5,000.00

July 23: Frank Capasso, a property to Catherine Cooper, $100.00

July 29: Thomas K. and Diane J. Condran, a property to Joshua N. and Rebekah Smith, $172,500.00

July 29: Robert G. Jones III, a property to Jason W. Knowles and Jessica Klim, $145,000.00

July 30: Gene R. Riegler AKA, Gene Riegler AKA, Gene Riegler AKA, Debbie Riegler AKA, and Debbie Riegler AKA, a property to Kevin Belligere and Joie Belligere, $30,500.00

July 30: American Land Inc. Lake Liquidating Trust and Laura Lee Staudt TR and Angela A. Centrella, a property to Joseph J. Pivovarik and Angela A. Centrella, $1.00

July 31: Harry M. Nehbauer by AF and Madelyn McLaughlin AF, a property to William J. Nyers, $2,000.00


Manchester Township

July 10: Vicki s. Ascolese, a property to David and Michele Atkinson, $6,000.00

July 22: Leana L and Wilson Woodrow Stanton, a property to Richard W. Fairbanks and Pamela S. Arnold, $100,000.00

July 23: Franklin Jiminez and Flor Jiminez, a property to Marina Shkodina and Nadezhda Polpus, $5,000.00

July 31: Ann M. Fitzgerald, a property to Joseph G. Musso, $7,500.00

Mount Pleasant Township

July 14: Dime Bank, a property to David L. and Darlene C. Miller, $130,000.00

July 24: Robert F. Cox and Rachael Cox, a property to Daniel J. and Helen R. Duddy, $324,500.00

Oregon Township

July 10: Erik R. Lange, a property to Michael J. Flynn, $33,000.00

July 28: John and Heather May, a property to Richard F. and Amanda Horak, $270,000.00

Palmyra Township

July 2: Laurence and Ann F. Demlein, a property to Ronald A. and Eileen M. Lovering, $290,000.00

July 14: Teresa Cescot, a property to Jeffrey C, and Margaret A. Radway, $238,800.00

July 16: Edward McAndrew, a property to William Ace, $225,000.00

July 24: Steven V. Fris, a property to Andrew and Sally Ann Love, $165,000.00

July 29: Nicholas J. and Elaine R. Adzima, a property to John J. Krut and Paul Krut, $44,983.77


Paupack Township

July 2: July 2: Richard Spalletta and Vince Spalletta AKA, and Vince Spaletta AKA, a property to Nicholas Scarboro, $4,000.00

July 2: James T. Barnes, a property to Brian L. Myers, Karen Myers, Kevin Rodenburger and Barbara Rodenburger, $59,000.00

July 2: Big Bear Property Owners Association and Big Bear Campers property owners Association, a property to Mikhal and Inna Fikhman, $2,000.00

July 2: Randy D. Hunter, a property to Scott and Christine Konop, $215,000.00

July 2: Ryan Edwards and Mary Edwards, a property to Robbie and Katy Paetow, $95,000.00

July 2: Sandra L. Burns and Evelyn Gasko, a property to Lockprop, $330July 7: Steven J. Singer, a property to Peter P. and Kelly A. McDermontt, $280,000.00

July 8: July 8: Ann Rosen and Ann Rosen Lucier, a property to Mark Munsell, Ervin Munsell, Michele Munsell and Nikki Munsell, $180,000. 00

July 9: David J. Molduc Sr., a property to William A. Hahn, $190,000.00

July 15: Fannie Mae AKA, Federal National Mortgage Association and Phelan Hallinan L L P , a property to Robert Grau, $115,000.00

July 15: Henry R. and Elaine Russo, a property to Catherine Thissen and Jeanette Rohrman, $125,000.00

July 16: Igor and Irina Seleznyov, a property to Robin E. Foley, $20,000.00

July 16: Florian Barati and Amalia Barati, a property to Scott T. Wallace and Yvette D Wallace, $95,000.00

July 16: Victor A. Steinhauer and Timothy Redelico, a property to Joseph Horvath Jr. and Jaclyn T. Case, $90,000.00

July 18: Fannie Mae AKA, Federal National Mortgage Association and McCabe, Weisberg & Conway, a property to Thomas F. Rogers Jr., $ 79,900.00

July 21: Carol A. Hauser, a property to David M. Herbert, $82,000.00

July 21: Jonathon Pitti, a property to James and Joanne C. Dearlove, $8,500.00

July 23: Jeffrey W. and Leslie E. Brown, a property to Erik and Karen Scheider, $375,000.00

July 28: Philip Buttafucco AKA, Philip Buttafuoco AKA, Anna Buttafucco, AKA by AF, Anna Buttafuoco AKA by AFand Philip Buttafuoco AF, a property to David Christopher Miller and Laura C. Miller, $305,000.00

July 29: Linda L. Wehr EXR & IND, Susan J. Groller EXR & IND and George A. Geiger EST, a property to David M. Fernandes and April M. Yorkonis, $150,000.00

July 30: Fannie Mae AKA, Federal National Mortgage Association AKA, and McCabe, Weisberg & Conway, $40,000.00

July 31: Willam H. Yelland IV, Shirley J. by Agent and William H. Yelland IV Agent, a property to Anastasios Papazoglou and Paula Papazoglou, $115,000.00

Preston Township

July 3: Therese Peko ADM AKA, Therese Pako ADM AKA, Theresa Pako ADM AKA, Theresa Peko ADM AKA, Stanley J. Peko EST AKA, Stanley J. Pako EST AKA, Stanley Peko EST AKA, Stanley Pako EST AKA, Stephen J. Peko EST AKA, Stephen J. Pako EST AKA, Stephen Peko EST AKA, Stephen Packo EST AKA, a property to Thomas Timothy Hanis, $1.00

July 10: Philip Green and John E. Green, a property to Mark Parrish, $134,160.00

July 15: Eleanor V. Lange, a property to Justin C. O’Donnell, $50,000.00

July 23: John P. and Rosemary Derk, a property to David M. and Mary Ellen Prince, $28,000.00


Prompton Borough

July 3: David and Barbara Jezercak, a property to Brian Acker and Leslie Ann Gorel, $75,000.00


Salem Township

July 2: Paul J. Sturm, a property to Frank and Grazyna Meliti, $ 7,500.00

July 3: Frank Grau, Wendy Becker and Irina Konstantinovskaya, a property to Valerity Vilensky, $127,000.00

July 7: Susan Murtagh and Joseph Talkiewicz, a property to Mark F. Suchter Jr. and Krista Suchter, $547,500.00

July 9: Linda S. Weisel, a property to Indian Rocks Property Owners Association, $2,000.00

July 9: Vito Scutti, a property to James and Toni A. Petraglia, $220,000.00

July 9: Housing & Urban Development, a property to Anthony John Yannone, $50,000.00

July 15: Michael J. and Lorraine Boyhan, a property to Richard C. Cioffi Jr. and Jamie A. Cioffi, $310,000.00

July 16: Joan K. Martin, a property to Ruben Peral and Marcela Blair, $275,000.00

July 18: K C Enterprises, a property to Gardner Gas Inc., $220,000.00

July 21: Alice Kestenbaum, a property to Gregorio A. Morabito, $190,000.00

July 22: Guy and Dorothy Crader, a property to Dennis L. Smith, $80,000.00

July 22: Lewis Rinaman, a property to Luis M. Delarosa Jr., $81,000.00

July 22: Lewis Rinaman, a property to Luis M. Dellllarosa Jr., #1.00

July 24: Scott W. and Kimberly Porter, a property to Elizabeth E. McCarthy, $187,000.00

July 28: James D. and Darlene M. Rau, a property to Chris and Shelby Clayton, $3,750.00

July 31: Herbert W. and Karen K. Fries, a property to Grzegorz Choma, $4,800.00

July 31: Junior B. Rajkumar by Sheriff and Judy Rajkumar by Sheriff, a property to Bank Of New York Mellon Trust Company TR, $4,477.38

July 31: Jeff D. Henderson EXR, Lynn Troianelli EXR and Adeline Henderson EST, a property to Pamela and Ronald Jenkins, $290,000.00


Scott Township

July 10: Carl Ranieri, a property to Wallace B. Sroka Jr. and Arlene Peters, $75,000.00

July 24: Dale E. Peters and Arlene Peters, a property to M B R Land Development Corp., $157,500.00


South Canaan Township

July 10: Cathy M. Salak, a property to Daniel W. and Tara Lane Waitkus, $330,000.00

July 14: Paul J. and Frances Borowski, a property to Michael W. and Karyn Palkovic, $1.00

July 14: Michael W. Palkovic Jr., a property to Paul J. and Frances Borowski, $1.00

July 31: David Adolfson and Paula Adolfson, a property to Nicholas R. and Julianna F. Schweinsburg, $164,800.00


Sterling Township

July 3: Louise E. Wilmot and Louise E. Wilmot Hill, a property to Lester W. and Lauren Maxwell, $145,600.00

July 14: Belleville Rod & Gun Club Inc., a property to Charles A. Dunn and Erica Kizer, $124,550.00


Texas Township

July 1: Richard J. and Kathy Chrzan, a property to Ernest A. Neales and Dana Richard, $139,900.00

July 1: Kathy Jenkins Studio, a property to Colleen Martin, $108,000.00

July 1: Craig Stiles and Julie Stiles, a property to Ellen Memorial Health Care Center Honesdale, $130,000.00

July 3: Nicole Rebecca Korb EST AKA by ADM, Nicole R. Korb EST AKA By ADM and James E. Hoffman ADM, a property to Tammy L. Riefler, $125,000.00

July 14: J P Morgan Chase Bank, a property to Cindy A. and Edward S. Renner, $28,001.00

July 14: Brian Rickard, Tracy Hickey, and Tracy Rickard, a property to Paul A. and Linda C. White, $270,000.00

July 17: Rudolph Desio Jr. AKA, Rudolph R. Desio Jr. AKA, Karen Desio Aka, Karen A. Desio AKA, Marissa Desio AKA, Marissa Desiogayda AKA and Marissa Desio Gayda AKA, a property to Guarionex Pena Curiel and Rose Marie Curiel , $54,000.00

July 28: Charlotte D. Folley AKA and Charlotte D. Linde AKA, a property to Raymond Patrick Rosania Sr. and Catherine Teresa Rosania, $230,000.00

July 10: Paul A. Feigenbaum EXR, Judith Lyne Harlan EST AKA and Judith A. V. EST AKA, a property to Walter B. Barbe, $70,000.00


Waymart Borough

July 9: Bank of America by AF and Nationstar Mortgage, a property to Peregrine Property Group L L C, $18,500.00

July 11: J. Scott and Mary Bernadette Reinbold, a property to Patricia E Beam, $160,000.00