It's not a secret that I'm proud of my brother Sean and how far he's come as an autistic individual.

It's not a secret that I'm proud of my brother Sean and how far he's come as an autistic individual.

I have seen the ups and downs, roadblocks and open doors and a boy who would never give up.

Now, Sean is a young man in his 20s, ready to take on the world.

While setbacks cause disappointment, it was never directed at Sean. It wasn't because he just stopped caring or that he gave up.

In fact, he just continued to show us the kind of person he really is. I smile when I think of him now and remember how much he's gone through to be at that point today.

There are many programs available for individuals with disabilities of any kind. There are also various organizations that focus on different therapeutic methods to help.

One such group is Fair Hill Farm Riding Academy in Tyler Hill. Fair Hill is a horse centered therapeutic group that works with people with various disorders, including autism, cerebral palsy, multiple sclerosis, spina bifida and more.

They also accommodate those with physical handicaps and those dealing with strokes, amputation and even post traumatic stress disorder. They are located across from the Tyler Hill Camp, right off Route 371.

I remember when I did the 2nd Annual Bowling for Autism and Fair Hill was the recipient. When I first met with the President/Director, Art Goldberg, and instructor, Ben Goldberg, I knew they'd be a perfect choice.

Sean started their program a week later.

It took a little while to get him comfortable with the horses, but each time he had a session he was improving.

Now, a year later, Sean is still taking part in the program and having a blast. He's always looking forward to going back and is anxious for when that time is.

Sean is even helping out with other riders and is doing a great job.

In a letter about Fair Hill, Art says this about Sean's progress: “Sean can now stay on task and is more able to learn new skills. Over the last year he has learned to lunge and long line a horse. These skills have enabled him to become a lead walker for other riders.”

Sean tells me over and over again how much he likes Fair Hill and what he's doing. Art has told me countless times that Sean is a great asset and they enjoy having him there.

It's a really good feeling hearing that and seeing how their program has helped him, not just in working with horses.

This program has helped Sean in so many ways and it's very noticeable every day. It's great there are groups like Fair Hill Farm Riding Academy that patiently work with individuals who have disabilities and take their time to help them.

A Benefit Horse Show will be taking place on Saturday, November 22 at Birchtown Stables in Forest City. Fair Hill is one of the recipients.

Riders from their program, including Sean, will be showcasing some of their skills at the show. Come on out and support them.

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