UGI Penn Natural Gas will be doing the overlay on Main Street now that Aqua Pennsylvania pulled out of its water main project.

But UGI spokesman Joe Swope said, "We need to resolve several issues with PennDOT before we can proceed," so there is no set timeline for the project to be completed.

UGI completed permanent restoration of all street cuts on Main Street in the spring.

PennDOT spokesman Mike Taluto said Thursday PennDOT will meet Aug. 19 with UGI to do a review of what the gas company needs to do in order to complete the project.

Among the issues are the installation of ramps that are compatible with the Americans with Disabilities Act.

UGI will not be required to pay for the entire project and will only be responsible to cover the work it did on its section of Main Street.

The cost of the overlay was not clear on Thursday.

Facing east from 12th Street, the gas main work had been concentrated on the left part of the road.

Aqua was expected to share the cost of the overlay but has pulled out of its water line work project, which may not happen for another five years.

That project would have taken place on Main Street between 4th and 12th Streets.

The UGI gas project started in July 2013 as part of UGI's multi-year $1.2 billion infrastructure betterment initiative.

The focus was to replace cast iron and unprotected steel pipelines with facilities made of contemporary materials.

The project was "part of UGI’s continuing commitment to provide safe and reliable natural gas service to our customers and our communities and we appreciate our customers and the community’s understanding," vice president of operations Robert P. Krieger said in a news release.