- The Wayne County Fair was packed Monday night as thousands gathered to watch a concert at the grand stand.

- The Wayne County Fair was packed Monday night as thousands gathered to watch a concert at the grand stand.

Country artists Craig Campbell and Eric Paslay fed off the crowd's energy as they continued to impress everyone who attended the show.

It was a great night for a show with clear skies and a temperature that was just right.

Paslay was up first, performing some of his big hits like “Friday Night” and “Song About a Girl.”

From the beginning he had the crowd's attention and they were singing right along with him.

The crowd welcomed Paslay to the Wayne County Fair with open arms and were cheering with every song he did.

His playlist also included “Less Than Whole,” “Never Really Wanted,” “Like a Song” and a song he wrote for Jake Owen, "Barefoot Blue Jean Night."

Paslay's performance was a great start to the show. He set the bar high and it was soon time for Campbell to meet expectations.

Campbell played hits like “Keep Them Kisses Comin,'” “Truck-N-Roll,” “Outta My Head,” “Family Man” and “Fish.”

Campbell kept the energy up all night and was sure to make some new fans along the way.

Part of his act included bringing two audience members on stage to sit on stools around a piano.

They got to experience part of the show up close and personal as Campbell played a few songs.

The crowd continued to sing along with his songs and were dancing along as well. Campbell was even showing hand motions for the audience to do with him during a song.

Campbell and Paslay have played at fairs and festivals before, but this was their first time at the Wayne County Fair.

You would find that hard to believe with the way the crowd reacted to each of them.

“That was great,” Campbell said after the show. “We were looking forward to it.”

He said sometimes they can tell what kind of crowd there might be based on social media activity with Facebook and Twitter. For this show, Campbell said there was a lot of Twitter activity for this show.

“For a Monday night I was truly impressed,” Campbell stated. “I was so grateful that people showed up. It was awesome.”

He said it was cool that the crowd was jamming out and singing with him.

“They even sang along with Eric,” he said. “It was just great.”

Campbell said he performs at a lot of fairs and festivals.

“I love them because it seems like the people who love country music and love my kind of music are the same people that come to fairs and come to festivals,” he said. “These are my people.”

Campbell hopes he is able to gain a larger fan base with every performance.

“The exposure level keeps going up, especially when doing shows like this where there are a ton of people who have never been there before,” he said. “This is my first opportunity to be able to play a show in front of these people.

“I hope I walked away with a few more fans than when I got here.”

Campbell stated he had a great time in the area and at the Wayne County Fair.

“I'm ready to come back tomorrow,” he said. “These guys were great. The people who hired us were great to work for and catering was off the chain.

“Everything about this show was awesome.”