DYBERRY TWP. - The time of year has finally come as the 152nd Annual Wayne County Fair began on Friday.

The first big event was the horse pull. There were six lightweight teams and seven heavyweight teams.

Horses competing in the lightweight class have to be weighed prior to the event. The total weight of the horses has to be 3,325 pounds or less.

Horses competing in the heavyweight class have to weigh a minimum of 325 pounds each.

Many spectators were at the grandstand watching teams of horses compete and cheering for them at the end of each pull.

For the lightweight class, they start with 2,800 pounds to pull. To qualify for the next round they have to pull the weight 27.5 feet.

Each team gets three chances to qualify with each weight. If they don't qualify on the first try, they have the option of going a second time or skipping it.

If they don't qualify by the third attempt, they are out of the competition.

Each team gets measured after each pull to see how far they moved the weight.

At the end of the competition, the team that went the furthest is the winner and the rest are placed from there.

The lightweight teams generally lift as high as 4,000 pounds by the end of the competition.

The heavyweight teams start at 3,000 pounds to warm up. They will end with pulling more than 4,000 pounds.

Continued fun

Many events are planned throughout the rest of fair week including the Craig Campbell and Eric Paslay concert, the monster truck show, harness racing and more.

There are also a lot of vendors, food stands, games and rides for everyone to enjoy within a property that is just over 100 acres.

“Where else can you pay $8 and see everything?” said Roger Dirlam, president of the Wayne County Fair Board.

He said the only events the price doesn't cover is the concert and the monster truck shows.

“For $8 you see so much,” Dirlam said. “You can't beat it. There's so much to see and do here.”

He added they are hoping for good weather all week and said it was a nice start on opening day.

On opening day of the fair last year there were 10,284 people in attendance.

“We had our biggest fair ever last year,” Dirlam stated. “I hope we can beat those numbers.”

Each event brings its own type of crowd, but Dirlam said anything with wheels seem to be big sellers.

These events include the demolition derby, Hell Drivers, the tractor pull, harness racing and the monster trucks.

Wade Shows, Inc. is providing the midway amusements.

For a list of events visit www.waynecountyfair.com and make your way to the Wayne County Fair.