– The Wallenpaupack Historical Society announced upcoming events for the month of August.

– The Wallenpaupack Historical Society announced upcoming events for the month of August.

• Monday, Aug. 4, 5 p.m. at the Zane Grey Museum on the Lackawaxen

The Wallenpaupack Historical Society will be participating in the signing of the Treaty of Renewed Friendship with the Lenape Nation.

The Treaty Signing will take place at the Zane Grey Museum on the Lackawaxen and Delaware Rivers.

The Treaty of Renewed Friendship began in 2002 and is renewed every four years with area organizations and residents.

The purpose of the Society's participation is to accurately record the history of the Lenape Nation, and to correct historical inaccuracies where present.

As stated by the Lenape Nation, “the Treaty of Renewed Friendship states that those who sign acknowledge the Lenapes as the indigenous caretakers of these lands and agree to support the Lenape Tribe in their unique way.

Although this is not a legal, binding document, it is an agreement of heart, mind and spirit. Its words carry the integrity of our ancestors and the hope of our children.

Those organizations and individuals who sign this treaty will forever be a part of our mutual history and the stories that we tell our children.

They must make the commitment to ‘stand up well’ as a living testament to the fact that environmental, cultural, and historical awareness is the key to our future.”

• Saturday, Aug. 9, 7 p.m. at the PPL Environmental Learning Center, Hawley

Jon Tandy will be giving a presentation about Wilsonville, the town under the lake.

Once the county seat of Wayne County, Wilsonville is named after James Wilson, one of the first associate justices of the Supreme Court.

The town was flooded in the middle 1920s with the construction of Lake Wallenpaupack.

The program includes photographs, maps and side-scan sonar images of Wilsonville, and the stories of people who owned the property and the businesses that were there.

Jon will also answer the common questions: "Is there still a town under the Lake?" "Can you really hear a church bell ringing when the water is low?"

• Wednesday, Aug. 20, 7 p.m. at the Palmyra Township Municipal Building, Pike County

Wallenpaupack Historical Society’s Paupack School Committee will hold its second Town Hall Meeting about the future of the Paupack School.

All are welcome to attend.

There will be discussion on the cost of the needed repairs for the school and how the school, once repaired, would be best utilized as a meeting place and community center for Palmyra Township, Pike County.

The intention of the Society is to enable the restoration of the Paupack School to its former glory as the social center and meeting place of the community.