– Two individuals were arrested Wednesday following a drug raid that occurred at their residence in Lake Ariel.

Wayne County District Attorney Janine Edwards made the announcement after Casey J. Dunn, 38, and Nancy Robin Heater, 36, were taken into custody.

A search warrant was executed for their residence, an RV located at 398 Old Gravity Road, Lake Ariel.

The warrant was issued by the Wayne County Drug Task Force and the Pennsylvania State Police (PSP).

In the release sent by Edwards, it says the search warrant alleged prior sales of heroin from the RV.

Dunn was removed from the RV before the actual search began and then attempted to re-gain entry into the RV.

The release outlines a lengthy struggle with two PSP officers and Dunn, who was later subdued and placed under arrest.

Seized during the search were around 15 grams of raw heroin with a value of approximately $8,000, 59 Clonazapam pills (a Schedule IV controlled substance), a .22 caliber pistol loaded with hollow point bullets and numerous items of drug paraphernalia.

“Based on the large amount of heroin seized, law enforcement has delivered a significant blow to the drug trade in the Lake Township area of Wayne County,” Edwards said. “I am very concerned about the fact that this defendant had a loaded pistol within reach of the area where he was packaging heroin for re-sale.

“His attempt to re-gain entry into the RV presented an extremely dangerous situation to the law enforcement officers involved.

“There are very serious legal consequences for drug dealers who possess firearms in the area where they are dealing dope and this case illustrates why.”

Edwards added she's proud of the work that the Wayne County Drug Task Force detectives and the PSP did in this case “to take such a large amount of heroin off the streets of our community in one shot.”

Dunn and Heater were charged with criminal conspiracy, a felony; possession with intent to deliver heroin, a felony; possession of heroin, a misdemeanor; and possession of drug paraphernalia, a misdemeanor.

Dunn was also charged with felon not to possess a firearm, a felony two; and resisting arrest, misdemeanor two.

Both Heater and Dunn appeared in the Wayne County Courthouse on Wednesday, July 30 at 9 a.m.

They were incarcerated and bail was set by Magistrate Ted Mikulak. Dunn's was set for $50,000 and Heater's was set for $35,000.