Many sports fans are currently in the midst of rooting for their favorite baseball team.

Many sports fans are currently in the midst of rooting for their favorite baseball team.

It's just past the midway point of the season and fans are anxious to see where their team will end up, who will make the playoffs and eventually compete for the World Series title.

While baseball is one of my favorite sports and I'm a loyal Phillies fan, I have to say I've been ready for football season since June.

At least I know the Eagles will have a great season. Overall the Phillies' season has been quite dismal.

By no means have I stopped rooting for them, but my mindset isn't focused on baseball because they are doing that bad.

If we could just get rid of General Manager Ruben Amaro Jr...

Anyway, I'm ready for football season. I'm anxious to see Nick Foles, LeSean McCoy, Riley Cooper, Zach Ertz, Jason Kelce, DeMeco Ryans and the flock dive head first into the season and claim the NFC East again.

That's right, you have just heard my prediction for the division.

It's not just because I'm an Eagles fan, but also because of how great the team has been and where they've come since the dreadful 2012 season.

There are so many factors that will give them the division and continue to lead them through the playoffs. Maybe this season will finally be our Super Bowl year.

If not, they will be getting a ring within the next few seasons. And by that I mean less than five.

Training camp is starting next week and I'll actually be attending one of the open practices this year. I'm really looking forward to it.

Maybe I'll be lucky enough to meet a player or two.

The official start to the season is still a month or so away, but I'm ready and in full on football mode.

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