What the H!

The borough's Hollywood-themed Sidewalk Sales suffered a setback this weekend when someone skedaddled with a 4-by-8-foot "H" from atop Irving Cliff.

In a nod to the iconic Hollywood sign in Los Angeles, members of the Greater Honesdale Partnership are using corrugated plastic lettering to spell "Honesdale" atop the cliff.

But sometime after 8 p.m. Sunday someone stole the "H," said Jeff Hiller, president of the Greater Honesdale Partnership (GHP), which is organizing the Sidewalk Sales.

"It's just disappointing," Hiller said Monday, noting that the letter doesn't cost much but a lot of volunteer work is put into the initiative.

Hiller said he initially thought the letter may have been blown down from windy weather on Sunday night, but he scoured the area to no avail.

"It's gone," said the Trackside Grill owner.

Hiller said he thinks the letter may have been stolen by a group of kids.

He said he was up at the cliff Sunday night and the "H" was in place, but there was a vehicle there with three kids in it.

The letter was gone Monday morning.

Hiller said he was putting the letters up one at a time. If the "H" is not returned, he will replace it so the sign doesn't read "onesdale"

But he hopes whoever took it will bring it back. If that happens, Hiller said he won't press charges.

The culprit may drop off the letter at the Wayne County Chamber of Commerce on Commercial Street.

"I'm hoping whoever took it returns it," Hiller said. "Someone's got to know something about it."

The business owner also said this kind of petty crime is what deters many from volunteer work - people put in time and effort to help the community and something like this happens.

If the culprit doesn't voluntarily return the letter but is caught with it, Hiller said he will press charges and will want the offender to be sentenced to community service.

"It's just aggravating," he said.

Borough police Chief Rick Southerton said the department is aware of the situation but Hiller has not filed a formal complaint.

Gail Tucker, GHP executive director, had no comment.

Whether the letter is returned or not, the show must go on.

The 54th annual Sidewalk Sales will be held Friday and Saturday, July 18 and 19.

The sales will run from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Friday and from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Saturday.