– A walking tour was held over the weekend with the intent to keep history alive with the next generation.

The “Kids Walking and Discovery Tour” was organized by Kim Erickson. Executive Director of the Wayne County Historical Society, Tammy Satter, accompanied them on the tour.

“I thought it was important that kids learn about our history,” she said. “If we don't share the history and get them interested, who's going to share it later?”

The tour started at the Wayne County Historical Society. Participants explored the town and discovered some fun facts along the way to share with their friends.

There was a photo scavenger hunt where the kids would mark off different landmarks that they saw. They were also given a goodie bag and a badge naming them junior historians.

“We videoed the walk from the eyes of a child,” Erickson said. “We also showed them some photos and talked about them.”

She said they also read the story of the Stourbridge Lion.

Among their stops was the Old Stone Jail, where the sheriff gave them a tour. The Honesdale Fire Chief also opened up the Silsby Fire Museum for them to see.

The Cooperage was also open and the children got to see barrel making.

“They got to explore the town,” Erickson stated. “There's always something to do around here.”