HAWLEY – An area woman was in court Wednesday for neglecting animals that were found after a drug bust occurred.

Lori Ann Graham, 42, was the owner of 12 dogs that were found in deplorable conditions at 625 North South Turnpike Road, Newfoundland, where she resided.

She was seen by District Judge Bonnie Carney in Hawley.

Graham was among three arrested in the raiding of a methamphetamine “cook” operation at a residence on Route 196 in Newfoundland on Wednesday, May 28.

Some of the dogs were removed by family immediately after her arrest while others were taken to Dessin Animal Shelter by Pennsylvania Humane Officer Marlene Metzger and Dog Warden James Rickert.

On Thursday, Metzger said Graham was charged with two counts of animal cruelty and was fined $300 plus court costs.

She is prohibited from owning animals for six months after getting out of jail.

Graham also faces six counts of failure to have dog licenses and one count of failure to have proof of rabies vaccinations. She was fined $600 plus court costs for those charges.

All of the rescued dogs were in need of medical care. They include five Jack Russell Terriers and one Golden Retriever.

Metzger said they range in age from young adult (one to two years) to six or seven years old. The Golden Retriever is a senior dog. Metzger believes that dog is approximately 10 years old.

On Thursday, Metzger said the Jack Russell Terriers are doing well and ready for adoption.

“They're ready for new homes and will make great pets,” she stated. “They've all been treated and are vaccinated.”

She added the Golden Retriever has had surgery for dental issues and a mammary tumor. She is doing better.

“She's been placed with a Golden Retriever rescue,” Metzger said.