Between college, my internship and my job, I have several years' experience in the print media field.

Between college, my internship and my job, I have several years' experience in the print media field.

Countless times I've been told to find a different field because “print is dying.” I will probably continue to hear that moving forward, even though the idea is just absurd.

When you look at print as a whole, it's very easy to see why the idea that print is dying is ridiculous. I often wonder where the concept even comes from.

Let's start with newspapers. Sure, there are some that have shut down or are solely online. You have to keep in mind that even when a newspaper is online-only, writers are still needed.

The information doesn't just appear on a website out of thin air. I think people forget that when they see information electronically.

Given that fact, keep in mind all of the newspapers that are not only still in existence, but are still printing a physical copy. There are many still around!

Now moving onto other print mediums.

You can walk into almost any store and find magazines all over the place. You can still pick up your favorite one and flip through it.

If print is dying how come book stores still exist, even with all of the electronic options available for reading? You have Kindles, Nooks, eBooks, iPads and more, yet printed materials still exist.

Why? The answer works for all print mediums. Because people like to hold a physical item.

Coming from a technology savvy generation, many look at us and say print won't last because of everything available digitally (plus some of the younger generations don't even pick up a newspaper).

However here's a fun fact for you. I own a Kindle, but I still read a physical book. I will switch back and forth between them.

I also know many 20 somethings who do the same. Even though we have grown up with technology, there are many of us who still like having a physical item in our hands.

As for the generation after mine? Well that's a different story.

No matter what print medium you are talking about, whether it be newspapers, magazines or books, print is definitely not dying anytime soon.

Waters is a staff writer for The Wayne Independent and can be reached at