HONESDALE – At a recent meeting of the Wayne County Commissioners, county engineer Steve Knash discussed the Wangum Bridge project.

The bridge is located near Camp Watonka on Wangum Falls Road in Hawley. It was built in 1903.

The project is a bridge replacement and has been underway since 2005. Benesch Engineering is the contractor for the project.

“It's in the final design now,” said Knash. “We need a supplement to the original contract due to comments from PennDOT.”

He added that the Pennsylvania Historic Museum Commission came up with requirements that weren't in the original contract, after taking a look at the history and environment of the bridge.

“This won't slow the design process down,” Knash stated. “This is so they are sensitive to the nature and history of the area while doing the project.”

He described some of the requirements that are being added to the supplement.

The original detour plan was approved for 14 miles. PennDOT recommended cutting back the area near the bridge to six miles.

Because of this, the contract requires new traffic control plans.

They are also looking to do a truss, which is a strong frame of beams, bars, or rods that supports a roof or bridge.

“We want a truss, but PennDOT also wants us to bid for alternates,” Knash said. “After that we will go through the history and environmental process again.”

He said the Pennsylvania Historic Museum Commission will review a large portion of the supplement.

“One stipulation in their approval is to prepare educational materials in corporation with Camp Watonka's curriculum.”

The commissioners approved adding the supplement to the existing contract, which is for $115,009.38.

The nearly 110-year-old bridge is owned by Wayne County.


The resignation of Carol Brennan from her position as library clerk was approved, with “thanks and congratulations.”

It was effective immediately.

• District Attorney Janine Edwards was present to discuss three different positions.

• Bailey Martin was hired as a part time employee for the District Attorney's Office “to give assistance,” effective June 17 to Aug. 10.

Edwards said Martin will be a senior in high school in the fall. Martin volunteered during her junior year.

The salary was set at $7.25 per hour.

• Phaedra Marie Hall was hired as an office clerk, effective June 13. This is a replacement position.

The salary was set at $9.40 per hour, $17,108 annual, plus a $250 education increment, for a total of $17,358.

• Cody Taylor of Honesdale, Erika McClain of Honesdale and Amy Russo of Moscow were approved as summer volunteers, effective immediately.

Edwards said they are 2L law students, which means they are in their second year of law school. They have an interest in criminal justice and law.

“I think they'll be a great benefit for us,” Edwards said.

• Katelyn Krug was hired as a summer intern for the Adult Probation Department, effective June 16. The salary was set at $8 an hour.

• Anthony Herzog and Dan Card were appointed to the Pocono Counties Workforce Investment Board, effective July 1 to June 30, 2017.