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  • Still Waters Run Deep: Bull two, human zero

  • On Saturday my hometown held its annual Pride & Patriotism Parade and Block Party in honor of Flag Day.
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  • On Saturday my hometown held its annual Pride & Patriotism Parade and Block Party in honor of Flag Day.
    Among the many activities available during the block party was a mechanical bull.
    This isn’t something that’s new to the block party, but it was something that I never thought twice about participating in…until this weekend.
    After a few quick moments of thought, I decided I would go for it and add mechanical bull riding to my list of extracurricular activities.
    I filled out the waiver, made sure I had nothing in my pockets and took off my shoes. I was ready to tame the bull and be victorious. Well…the bull had other plans.
    It was my first attempt ever and it was pretty pathetic. I had my mom taking pictures throughout this grueling process, all the while with her laughing at my dismay along with my dad and brother.
    I was ready to go and thought I had a good grip, but it wasn’t long before my entire body was hanging off one side of the bull and I was losing.
    I failed miserably and lasted three seconds (if that). There were younger kids lasting longer than that. I was getting shown up.
    After a look at the guys running the menace they told me to go again.
    Maybe I was sort of getting the concept of how to defeat the beast. I’ll go with the latter.
    I’m betting those guys took pity on me and slowed it down a notch (not that it was really that fast to begin with).
    It had to have been that because the second time I was able to hang on between 10-15 seconds. By the end of that battle I was thrown off one side as I shrieked out.
    In the end I couldn’t stop laughing and it was actually a pretty fun experience.
    If I ever decide to try this again, I better have a nice strategy if I plan on lasting longer than that.
    For now, all points go to this beast.
    Well played Mr. Mechanical Bull, well played.
    Waters is a staff writer for The Wayne Independent and can be reached at kwaters@wayneindependent.com.
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