COUNTY - The following Marriage Licenses and Divorce Decrees were issued in the Wayne County Courthouse, Honesdale during the month of May 2014.

Marriage Licenses

David Charles Murray and Teresa Margaret Stinavage

Nicholas Anthony Norella and Nicole Theresa Trichilo

Anthony James Lopresti and Jessica Lynn Box

Jonathon Andrew Tyler and Alyssa Beth Jaman

Craig Michael Mocerino and Leonora Marie Razny

Jason Wade Hunt and Jennifer Eve Tompkins

Andrew Joseph Rowland and Lauren Marie Lee

Justin Lee Weist and Tanya Lynn Skelton

Matthew Shane Kovaleski and Samantha Christine Gremli

Steven Christopher Guthier and Trisha Majorie Tarkett

Matthew James Perlick and Stephanie Michelle Wilcox

Daniel Luis Vieira and Corinna Maria Kennedy

Dean Ernest Wells and Candy Megan Grim

William Russon Ganner and Harold Dennis Christie

Omar Robles-Resendiz and Rachel Curtis

Troy Anthony Greene and Mechele Mary Durso

Michael Joseph Barbera and Tamar Geraldine Romero Marino

Eileen J. Hetzel and Onre Camille Holt

Joseph Patrick Sepe and Katelyn Marie Britton

Donnie Lee Craycraft and Ashley Renee Smith

Jeremy Lee Brooks and Tiffany Anne Jack

Robert Paul Emmet Jr. and Heather Jo Lestrange

Karl R. McHale and Alaina R. Clifford

Divorce Decrees

Susan M. Reinfurt vs. John W. Reinfurt

Sabrina L. Wolfe vs. Timothy M. Wolfe

Joseph Biscaglie vs. Jessica Biscaglie

Craig Robert Woodmansee vs. Amanda Lynn Woodmansee

Kristine Erk Erbach vs. Michael A. Erbach

Jill M. Dwyer vs. William J. Dwyer

Mark Icker Sr. vs. Beverly Icher

Barbara A. Fotusky vs. David M. Fotusky

Kristine Marie Fagan vs Brian Martin Fagan

Sandra Hattler vs. Cory Hattler

Shane Morcom vs. Ash,ey Morcom

Daniel E. Vannatta vs. Jean Ann Vannatta

Property Transfers

The following Wayne County Property Transfers were recorded in the Wayne County Courthouse, Honesdale during the month of May 2014.

Abbreviations used are as follows: EXR: Executor; AF: Attorney-in-fact; TR: Trustee; ADM: Administrator.

Berlin Township

May 8: Anthony M. Masucci and Gina M. Garofano, a property to Joseph Cortright and Anna Bernhardt, $125,000

May 14: Peter S. Lazzeri Jr. and Rhonda Lazzeri, a property to Amesworth W. Gilson Jr and Amy G. Gilson. $150,000

May 22: Russell T. George Jr., Matthew S. George, William T. George Jr., and Campbell George, a property to Ernest A. Kawka, Campbell George and Campbell Kwaka, $1

May 30: Marie Galante EXR AKA, Marie Louise Galante, EXR AKA and Joseph A. Galante Jr. EST, Bernadette M. Conway, $165,000

Buckingham Township

May 5: Robert Brand and Margarita V. Mixon, a property to Craig and Joan Rifendifer, $35,000

May 16: Household Finance Consumer Discount Foundation, a property to Brian Ott, $55,000

May 23: Bnai Brith Henry Monsky Foundation, a property to Perlman Property L L C, $2,859,029.53

Canaan Township

May 8: Dime Bank, a property to Steene Streamside, $55,500

Cherry Ridge Township

May 12: Dime Bank, a property to June M. Seder, $147,732.30

May 15: Ryan T. and Nicole J. Chulada, a property to Richard e. and Karen L. Keefer, $162,000

May 22: David Dulay Inc., a property to Matthew M. and Shayle Struck, $35,314

Clinton Township

May 1: Peter Sweeny, a property to Thomas J. Farley Jr. and Mary A. Farley, $6,500

May 1: Michael D. and Christine M. Weber, a property to David G. Jezercak II, $17,000

May 16: John J. Cirelly EST, Christopher E. Farrell EXR, and Frances Marie Cirelly, a property to Jeffrey D. Weinberger, $84,900

May 19: Christopher and Kathleen E. Potchak, a property to Ricahrd T. and Tammy L. Gasker, $85,000

Damascus Township

May 1: Bank of New York Mellon Trust Co TR by AF and Select Portfolio Servicing Inc. AF, a property to Gary Steich, $66,000

May 6: Joseph W. Planz Jr., Elizabeth Planz, Mary Ellen Russell, Marguerite E. Martin and Joanne Planz, a property to Ui Jin Lee and Ki Jin Lee, $234,600

May 9: Evelyn McGinn and Jeffrey Whitmore, a property to Jeffrey and Jenna Rae Whitmore, $8,000

May 15: Jeremy Lugo and Adam Lugo, a property to Leonard G. Deknegt, $182,000

May 16: Dennis J. and Donna M. Chowansky, a property to Robert F. Davison and Susan Rudy, $235,000

May 21: Evelyn Jones, a property to Dennis C. and Janie E. Zieres, $135,000

May 21: J P Morgan Chase Bank, a property to Gary Pittenger, $74,900

May 23: Edwin H. Kent Sr. EST AKA, Edwin H. Kent EST AKA and Ellen M. McGlone EXR, $120,000

Dreher Township

May 8: Alfid K. Marum, a property to Carol Freemyer, $1,000

May 14: Esther Correa, a property to Anthony and Beth Terracino, $4,000

May 16: Joseph R. and Carolyn T. Henn, a property to Joseph J. Palya, $148,000

May 21: Jeffrey R. and Karen G. Delia, a property to Kevin and Susan Carl, $415,000

May 23: Anthony Terracino, a property Randy W. and Darlene A. Foust, $1,800

May 23: U S Bank National Association TR by AF, and Wells Fargo Bank AF, a property to Harry E. and Linda E. Williams, $70,000

May 28: G C Marketing Inc., a property to Ronald Russo, $1,800

May 29: Joseph C. Bambera TR and Diocese of Scranton, a property to Young Jin Moon Charitable Foundation, $250,000

Hawley Borough

May 5: Patricia Ohlson, a property to A B C Hoff, $250,000

May 16: Theodore G. and Jane A. Tiedeken, a property to William McIntyre, $88,500

May 20: George G. and Lindsay A. Hibbs, a property to David Wayne Flack and Susan Barton, $120,000

Honesdale Borough

May 1: Mark Owens and Vanessa Uzupes, a property to Edward. J. Leroy, $8,000

May 13: Bank of New York Mellon TR by AF and Ocwen Loan Servicing AF, a property to M B C Property Management, $98,000

May 13: Amanda and Steve Clabaugh, a property to Brandon J. Strada, $64,000

May 15: Robert and Eileen Skibinski, a property to Theodore D. Lynch TR, Sarah E. Lynch TR and Lynch Living Trust, $225,000

May 23: Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation and Phelan Hallinan L L P , a property to Michael Watson, $66,100

May 29: Fannie Mae AKA, Federal National Mortgage Association AKA and K M L Law Group, a property to Richard E. Kemmann, $68,000

May 30: Joseph Gardas and Kristen Gardas, a property to Jonathan Schmidt and Ryan Schmidt, $113,000

May 30: John C. and Susan J. Miller, a property to Jennifer B. Hawran, $91,500

Lake Township

May 1: Fannie Mae AKA, Federal National Mortgage Association AKA and Udren Law Offices, a property to Robert d. and Theresa M. Hart, $45,000

May 2: Patricia Jenik, a property to William and Ericka Schneider, $55,000

May 5: Peter J. Lemoncelli, Paul J. Lemoncelli Sr., and Enrico C. Lemoncelli, a property to William J. Tavormina, Michelle A. Tavormina, Loretta Granerbutz and Loretta Graner Butz, $85,000

May 7: N B T Bank, a property to David Riggin, $53,000

May 8: Reidar Fossli, a property to Gary and Nancy Tamburri, $130,000

May 8: Lynn M. Morrissey, Daniel J. Morrissey and Regina Morrissey, a property to Kenneth M. Kubicki and Donna M. Tirone Kubicki, $95,000

May 8: Roseanne Albanese, a property to George J. Solter Jr. and Doreen Solter, $150,000

May 9: Fannie Mae AKA, Federal National Mortgage Association AKA and McCabe Weisberg & Conway, a property to Fran and Michael G. Horowitz, $70,000

May 13: Ada Ferrer, a property to Tad Francis Pittenger and Rosemarie Pittenger, $115,000

May 14: Elaine Cousin EST and Miriam Rogers EXR, a property to Ralph V. Tomasetti and Melissa J. Geffers, $160,000

May 20: Linda L. Bell TR and Linda L. Bell Living Trust, a property to Dorothy G. and Concetta T. Maritato, $800

May 20: Joshua Lewis, a property to Anthony R. and Christine M. Scatorchia, $131,000

May 27: Vangeli Hideout Family Trust and Anthony Vangeli TR, a property to Brendan Fay, $130,000

May 29: Carl Klunk, a property to Jackie and Thomas Vlachos, $1

May 29: Robert and Christine Doherty, a property to Noe and Margarita Ramirez, $40,000

May 29: Sabin and Bastiaan Schuttevaer, a property to Stephen and Cynthia Frederick, $215,000

May 30: Talitha A. and Daniel Stine, a property to Michael Lapadula and Tina Eck, $22,250

May 30: Michael Scott Lazorchak and Brooke L. Lazorchak, a property to John and Abigail Banks, $237,000

Lebanon Township

May 15: Mark A. and Susan Pykus, a property to Cory and Karin Hemkes, $24,000

Lehigh Township

May 12: Raymond and Joyce A. Wizna, a property to Breezewood land Development Co. Inc., $1

May 12: James Yolanda and Marlene Alfred, a property to Breezewood Land Development Co. Inc., $1

May 14: William Rosamilia, a property to Breezewood Land Development Co. Inc. $1

May 15: Breezewood Land Development Co Inc, a property to George w. and Darlene M. Arnot, $1,500

May 19: Charles F. and Andrea Cuccia, a property to Kevin and Deborah Borst, $89,900

May 21: Barbara Martelli, Barbara Atkinson and Ernest C. Martelli III, a property to Robert C. Viviano, $25,000

May 27: Ruth E. Steinruck, a property to Henry R. Johnson Jr., $500

May 27: Ruth E. Steinruck, a property to Henry R. Johnson Jr., $500

May 27: Ruth E. Steinruck, a property to Henry R. Johnson Jr., $500

May 27: Ruth E. Steinruck, a property to Henry R. Johnson Jr., $500

May 29: John Palma and Mike McLeod, a property to Michael J. McLeod and Sandra J. McLeod, $1

May 29: Edward and Loretta Duffy, a property to Michael D. and Kathleen Divito, $3,000

Manchester Township

May 1: Mark E. Filarsky, Robert J. Filarsky, William Stracham, Robert Stracham, Kenneth Zawacki, Paula Racowski EXR and Kenneth Racowski EST, a property to Six Bucks Hunt Club Inc., $66,000

May 12: Bobbi Jo Sally Borges, a property to Minary Dennis, $1

May 15: James Arthur Serio, a property to Boris Kheyman, $19,000

May 20: John S. Penney and Dulcie L. Leimbach, a property to Alla Green, $131,500

May 21: Clifford Tredway III and Donna L. Tredway, a property to Tommaso and Dawn Deiure, $190,000

May 27: Julie A. Burns, a property to Vicki S. Ascolese, $5,000

Mount Pleasant Township

May 6: Honesdale National Bank, a property to James C. Plastaras, Susan Plastaras, Brian P. Plastaras and Yvonne D. Plastaras, $175,000

May 9: Tara J. McCauley IND & EXR, Eileen C. Duffy EST AKA, Eileen Clair Duffy EST AKA and Richard D. Pardo IND & EXR, a property to William T. Kratz, $115,000

May 30: John W. Lewis IND & EXR, Catherine N. Lewis by AF, and Sally Rutherford AF, a property to David M. and Macy L Compton, $36,000

Oregon Township

May 23: Antonio Robertiello, a property to Peter D. and Suzanne C. Lapin, $77,000

Paupack Township

May 2: David J. Chicoski Jr., a property to Carla Learn, $79,000

May 6: Vasal Bury AKA, Vasal Beury AKA, Aksana Bury AKA and Aksana Beury, a property to Patrick J. and Denise P. Carfora, $19,500

May 7: Martin W. and Linda Clarke, a property to Shawn and Christine Abbott, $168,000

May 14: Charles R. Ray and Rosemary Ray, a property to Kathleen Baldino, $114,000

May 14: Joseph and Denise Grippaldi, a property to Daniel Cito, $410,000

May 14: Barry and Sandra Altman, a property to David and Allison Nilsen, $299,000

May 16: Michael A. and Kelly Brown Brehm, Drew W. Showers, Kim L. Showers and Nicholas A. Barna, a property to Douglas and Nancy C. Riva, $425,000

May 20: Antony J. and Lorraine Turdo, a property to Sharron S. Stefano, Timothy S. McNair, Kimberly S. McNair, Robert and Jeannine Wargo, $325,000

May 20: Florence McIntire, a property to Joseph Decristan, $12,000

May 22: Suzanne G. Strohmaier, a property to Frances A. and Christie F. Biviano Sr., $119,900

May 23: William D. and Susan M. Turner, a property to George and Tina Walz, $360,000

May 28: Thomas J. Karafa and Suzanne C. Hoffman, a property to Todd P. and Sandra L. Heffelfinger, $70,000

May 28: Randall Rhoads Enterprises, a property to Frank and Siobhan Lacreta, $535,000

May 28: Eva M. Flannery and Beacon Properties, a property to Conner David Rosensweet, $8,000

May 29: Timothy L. Curry, a property to Timothy and Gail Baltz, $54,250

Preston Township

May 1: Mark J. Wenk, Helen Wenk, Luke E. Wenk and Debra Wenk, a property to Alexander and Jennifer Chuplygin, $1

May 5: John McAndrew, a property to Joseph and Barbara Sprovkin, $25,000

May 23: Richard C. Blume Jr., a property to Barton McVey, $1

May 23: Bnai Brith Henry Monsky foundation, a property to Perlman Property L L C, $2,859,029.53

Salem Township

May 5: Priscilla Casciano, Priscilla A. Casciano and Priscilla A. Jacobs, a property to William J. Stewart Jr., $143,000

May 5: Gerald A. and Carol A. Sullivan, a property to Kimberly Mathews, $108,000

May 6: Fannie Mae AKA, Federal National Mortgage Association AKA and First American Title Insurance Company, a property to Jerry and Lillian E. Castaldo, $52,500

May 9: James and Mary Martin, a property to John P. and Donna Beth Caulfield, $113,000

May 9: John C. and Linda S. Justice, a property to P P L Electric Utilities Corporation, $200,000

May 19: Carmine Rizzo, a property to Paul Rinaldi, $2,350.68

May 19: Harbinder and Arvinder K. Singh, a property to John Apone, $608.49

May 20: Lawrence D. Frotten, a property to Theresa Ann Marine, $147,500

May 30: Richard P. and Carmela M. Scherer, a property to Anthony and Christine M. Scalzi, $6,000

Scott Township

May 12: Marek Tchorzewski, a property to Jeffrey Welaish and Christyn B. Olmstead, $4,400

May 13: June Allen AKA and June Dix Gately AKA, a property to James T. and Eleanor A. Curran, $25,000

May 19: Equity Trust Company custodian and Charles Wesley Jaster I R A , a property to James M. and Barbara D. Miller, $27,500

South Canaan Township

May 1: Maribelle G. Macalpin, a property to Jeffrey S. and Melissa A. Thomas, $90,000

May 16: Susan W. Andrews, a property to John D. Mulqueen and Catriona Fraser, $325,000

May 27: Lucetta L. Mumford, a property to Edward F. and Diane M. Martin, $14,500

Sterling Township

May 5: Stephen A. and Lori D Winder, a property to S L B C Holdings L L C, $1

May 5: Stephen A. and Lori D. Winder, a property to S L B C Holdings L L C, $10

May 8: Robert H. and Lorraine Moon, a property to Daniel Collentine, $36,000

May 8: Gary R. and Bernadette N. Zuza, a property to James T. and Lisa L. Conway, $210,000

May 19: Roger and Ruth Altemier, a property to Patricia A. Geelhoed and Madeline M. Geelhoed, $58,000

Texas Township

May 27: Bessie M. Stiteler, a property to Dorothy A. Zintel, $121,500

May 8: Lois A. Buckingham, a property to Shepard Wood and Kiley Gibbons, $110,000

Waymart Borough

May 30: Paula Davis, a property to Luke Daniel and Stacey Ann Gregory, $113,000