WAYMART – At Tuesday night's meeting of the Waymart Borough Council, Todd Hamula was present to discuss the Dollar General project.

Hamula is the development manager for the Dollar General project. He is with Zaremba Group, a real estate development company based in Cleveland, Ohio.

Dollar General will be moving to a site by Ray's Shur Save on Route 6.

In its new location, Dollar General will have approximately 9,100 square feet and 30 parking spots. Dollar General will own approximately 1.3 acres.

Hamula stated they received 18 comments from the county on May 30 regarding the project. He and Varcoe went through the comments “one by one” last week and he addressed them with his engineer.

“We're actually making a couple of changes to the plan as a result from the county's comments,” Hamula stated. “With those changes we really don't have any issues with the comments.”

He added the comments were mainly regarding the subdivision of the project.

“What we proposed initially were four lots, one lot that Dollar General would purchase and three lots that Mr. and Mts. Lesak would own,” Hamula said. “We had one center drive coming in that we will be building for the Dollar General, that would one day serve as access to these other three lots.”

They will be making two changes based on county comments. They are:

• The drive that will be constructed to the back lot needs to have a cul-de-sac at the end so people could turn around.

• With the creation of three other lots there were concerns over extending water and sewer for the Dollar General into the other lots.

Hamula said ultimately a cul-de-sac wouldn't make sense because you would inevitably enter a parking lot and could circulate that way.

“Our intentions are to bring the sewer and water through so that all of the property could be served by sewer and water, as well as the Dollar General project,” he stated. “After some conversation with the Lesaks they have agreed to revise the subdivision.

“Their acreage doesn't change and our deal with them doesn't change. What will change is the other three lots will go to just one lot. It will be a two lot subdivision.”

Hamula added the plans will be revised and re-submitted back to the borough to reflect the change as well as the comments from the county.

“The plan is you still have this center driveway that the Dollar General project property would own and maintain, but there will be easements for the benefit of what the Lesaks would own,” Hamula explained. “It will also serve as a center driveway for their adjacent lot.”

He added they also submitted plans for the sewage and water to the Wayne County Conservation District. Plans were also submitted to PennDOT regarding the center turn lane that will be extended on Route 6 and a right turn lane into the Dollar General driveway.

“The reason why that is being done is because we have a Dollar General and we have something else,” Hamula said. “In our traffic study we've shown there are potential other users that can go here and that's really what has triggered these additional improvements on the roadway.”

He said had it just been a stand alone lot, they would just be looking at doing a driveway for Dollar General.

Hamula was also at the meeting to get preliminary approval on the subdivision and the preliminary plans.

“That will allow us to continue the process to obtain our permits and construct the project,” he said. “My goal is to try to get started with construction this fall.”

However, he said it could take until November or December to get final approval and get the project signed off in order to start.

“I would like to commend our planning department on the fantastic job they have done on this plan,” said Varcoe.

It was approved unanimously.

Upcoming event

Resident Kyle Barna was present to discuss the 4th Annual Homer Dome Classic, which will take place on June 27-29. A rain date is set for July 11-13.

He asked for council's permission to use the Robert D. Wilson Elementary School complex as well as the tennis courts for the event.

The beer tent will be in the tennis courts like it has been every year. There will also be security.

Barna brought copies of the insurance policy for liability and liquor, which also includes the borough as a secondary insurer. He also had his beer permit and a letter to the police informing them that there will be alcohol sales throughout the weekend.

“Once again I'll take full responsibility of whatever happens, with cleanup and making sure everything looks the way it did or better after the whole weekend is over,” Barna said.

Millard said they need to find some way to rope off the borough garage so no cars block it.

“The three years they've run it I've been involved with it and they've done an excellent job,” said councilman Doug Bayly. “We've never had an incident. It brings a lot of people to town.

“It's a lot of fun and I think it's a good thing. The money he's been raising has been going back into the field.”

Bayly added Barna's ultimate goal is to put lights up, but said we are far from that.

“We've been putting field dirt in and you're seeing improvements all the time,” he said. “It doesn't cost the borough anything. It's coming out of Kyle's benefit fund and the little league.

“We've been fortunate to have this money come in to help maintain that field. We have one of the nicest fields around right now.”

Rollison said anytime we can bring people to Waymart to see the beautiful town, it's a good thing.