HONESDALE – Planning has been underway for the annual fireworks celebration, which are set for Thursday, July 3.

A rain date has been set for Sunday, July 6.

The fireworks are sponsored by the Greater Honesdale Partnership (GHP) and provided by Dyberry Fireworks.

Putting it together

The cost of providing the show has increased over the years and the display is quite costly. GHP is looking for donations to help with the cost.

“Many organizations, businesses and individuals have contributed to this event,” said Michael Augello, chairman of the fireworks committee. “That's the only way the fireworks occur.”

He said through some efforts, they have been able to maintain the same cost each year.

“The show gets better and better,” Augello stated.

The cost to put on the event is around $10,000 each year.

Money problems

“Last year donations didn't come in as expected and we ended up in a hole of about $1,000 short,” Augello explained. “For us to be able to continue the show in the future, we need to be able to cover the costs.

“We have asked all of our past donors to try to give more if possible and we have asked donors who didn't give, to reconsider.

“We are asking everyone to help out. This is a community effort and a community project.”

He said for those who have never come to Honesdale for the fireworks, they have no idea how incredible the fireworks are.

“We are in a unique situation in Honesdale where you can see the fireworks from anywhere in the area,” Augello stated. “We are unique in that ability because of the location for the fireworks.”

This includes northern and southern Honesdale and on Routes 191 and 670.

“The bottom line is we came in with a deficit and are trying to raise more [for the fireworks,” Augello said. “We are asking that anyone who can, contributes.”

He added if donations improve they can continue making the show better.

“It's one of the nicer things we do in this community and we want to keep doing it,” Augello said. “There's no cost. You can sit on your porch and watch the fireworks.

“It's an extraordinary thing to have. GHP does the fireworks, but it's for the benefit of the entire community.

“We fully appreciate every donation. No contribution is too small.”


Anyone who wishes to donate is welcome to.

“Major Sponsors” ($500 or more) will be acknowledged in the Partnerships advertising about this event if donations are received by June 18.

Make your fireworks contribution payable to the “Greater Honesdale Partnership (add the word Fireworks to the memo area of your check) and mail it to the Partnership at 32 Commercial Street, Suite 3, Honesdale, PA 18431, or drop it off at Music & Video Express, 619 Main Street, Honesdale.

If you have any questions or would like to help out the evening of the celebration, call Michael at Music & Video Express at 570 253-1110.