An area woman was charged with four counts of animal cruelty after 12 dogs were discovered in deplorable conditions.

 – An area woman was charged with four counts of animal cruelty after 12 dogs were discovered in deplorable conditions.

The dogs were found at 625 North South Turnpike Road, Newfoundland, where Lori Ann Graham, 42 resided.

Graham was among three arrested in the raiding of a methamphetamine “cook” operation at a residence on Route 196 in Newfoundland on Wednesday, May 28.

Some of the dogs were removed by family immediately after her arrest.

“I received calls from neighbors on Thursday regarding the dogs safety because they witnessed several of her dogs running in the road,” said Pennsylvania Humane Officer Marlene Metzger.

She said she imagines the dogs were inside when Graham was and were more than likely exposed to chemicals from the methamphetamine production.

There are currently six dogs removed from the residence by Metzger and Dog Warden James Rickert.

The dogs are recovering at Dessin Animal Shelter or have been placed in foster care.

“We have six dogs in custody and believe there is one running at large,” Metzger stated.

Authorities are trying desperately to apprehend the last dog.

All of the rescued dogs are in need of medical care. They include five Jack Russell Terriers and one Golden Retriever.

Metzer said they range in age from young adult (one to two years) to six or seven years old. The Golden Retriever is a senior dog. Metzger believes that dog is approximately 10 years old.

“She's scared to death and isn't understanding any of it, but she's been a trooper,” Metzger said. “She's been a good girl. She's a sweet, old dog.”

She added the Golden Retriever is in dire need of medical attention.

"The Golden Retriever has been seen by a veterinarian and needs extensive dental surgery,” Metzger explained. “She also has a large mammary tumor that will be addressed.

“One of the Jack Russell Terriers has a condition known as 'dry eye' and will require daily medication for the rest of his life."

She added all of the dogs are compromised because of their internal and external parasite load.

“They've been neglected,” Metzger said. “Two of the females are being treated for urinary tract infections.

“Some of the dogs are extremely thin while others are in good weight or even pudgy. I don't know what circumstances led up to it. I only know what they look like now.”

She added these dogs will be ready for foster homes and adoption as soon as their health conditions permit. Applications can be obtained from Dessin Animal Shelter.

Anyone wanting to donate funds to help with the cost of surgery and medical care for these dogs may donate to Dessin Animal Shelter, 138 Miller Rd. Honesdale, Pa. 18431 and specify "Newfoundland dogs" in a note or on the check.

Numerous dog law violations are expected to be filed soon as well as more cruelty violations.

Cruelty to Animals convictions carry a fine of up to $750 per animal and up to 90 days in jail.

Dog Law violations carry a maximum fine of $500 per count.

These are state guidelines and a magistrate makes the decision.

The animal cruelty charges were filed on Monday and more are expected to be filed by both Metzger and Rickert.