A 24-year-old child counselor was arrested on felony drug and firearms charges, Wayne County District Attorney Janine Edwards announced Friday.


Child counselor faces drug, firearm charges

 - A 24-year-old child counselor was arrested on felony drug and firearms charges, Wayne County District Attorney Janine Edwards announced Friday.

William Abraham Nyanti of Lake Ariel was a counselor and driver of children at a group home, Child First Services, and possessed bags of heroin with a Barbie stamp on them, authorities said.

Edwards stated, "I am thankful that the officers were able to make this arrest before a child who Mr. Nyanti supervised was hurt.”

Nyanti was charged with two counts of possession of a firearm with altered manufacturer’s number, possession with intent to deliver a controlled substance-heroin, three counts of possession of a controlled substance-heroin, cocaine and marijuana, possession of a small amount of marijuana and 10 counts of possession of drug paraphernalia.

According to paperwork:

On Wednesday a Wayne County District Attorney’s Drug Task Force detective and state police troopers arrested Nyanti at 107 Batzel Road.

Numerous complaints to the task force and state police came from neighbors about suspicious activities going on at the residence.

Officers approached the residence and knocked on the door. Nyanti opened the door and identified himself.

Officers immediately detected the odor of burnt marijuana and asked the suspect to step out to the porch.

When asked about the odor of marijuana Nyanti said he had been smoking and the marijuana was on the coffee table in the living room.

Nyanti was asked if it was OK for officers to retrieve the marijuana from the house. He agreed.

When the officers walked into the home they observed a multicolored marijuana water bong, a small plastic container containing raw marijuana and a small bag lying next to the water bong that contained a white powder on the coffee table.

Given consent by Nyanti, officers searched the rest of the residence and found the following items:

• A Grendel .22 caliber handgun with an obliterated serial number

• A Grendel .22 caliber revolver with an obliterated serial number

• A bag of suspected cocaine

• A container of raw marijuana

• Multiple bags of suspected heroin

• One electronic scale

• Multiple pieces of drug paraphernalia

Officers placed the suspect in a patrol vehicle and searched him, uncovering four blue bags of suspected heroin with the Barbie stamp on the bags.

Edwards stated, “This is a great example of neighbors reporting suspicious activity to law enforcement and getting a successful outcome.

"The officers who participate in the drug task force are in a much better position to make arrests on drug activity with accurate information provided by those who see it firsthand."

Nyanti was arraigned before District Judge Ronald Edwards and bail was set at $75,000.

The suspect is scheduled to appear at 9 a.m. June 4 in Central Court at the courthouse in Honesdale.