I'm sure many of you grew up with a favorite superhero and have seen every movie about them. For me, that superhero is Spider-Man.

I'm sure many of you grew up with a favorite superhero and have seen every movie about them. For me, that superhero is Spider-Man.

While most of my friends were into Superman or Batman, I was into Spider-Man (and still am). I would say Superman is my second favorite.

I have never been a comic book reader, but I have seen all of the Spider-Man movies. Of course there were the critics, but I never listen to them.

You'll probably never see me read any reviews. I like to make my own opinions about movies and books.

Now that the Spider-Man movies are seeing a reboot, I am once again right there watching them.

I have no complaints about the cast of the original Spider-Man movies, but I also love the cast of the reboot, called The Amazing Spider-Man.

Over the weekend I took my brother and his friend to see The Amazing Spider-Man 2 and I have one word to sum it up: epic.

Andrew Garfield, who plays Spider-Man/Peter Parker, has been doing an excellent job, increasingly becoming one of my favorite actors each time I see him in a role.

Gwen Stacy, played by Emma Stone, has been a great asset as well.

There is, of course, the love story between Peter and Gwen, but it isn't a main focus. A lot of people like to say in films with superheros there is too much focus on the love story, but The Amazing Spider-Man shows otherwise.

Jamie Foxx takes on a different role, playing Max Dillon, an employee at Oscorp who becomes supervillain Electro after an accident while on the job.

There are essentially two completely opposite sides to these characters and Foxx is great at both. I get the feeling he had a great time while filming his parts.

One of my favorite characters in the movie is played by someone I never even heard of until The Amazing Spider-Man 2. Dane DeHaan plays Harry Osborn and he is absolutely incredible. Even though Harry later becomes the Green Goblin, he is simply fantastic in this movie, transitioning from trying to be a good guy to the villain.

He reminds me of a young Leonardo DiCaprio, like how he looked in Titanic. I'm looking forward to what DeHaan does next.

Everyone should see The Amazing Spider-Man 2 and not just because I said so. There's a lot of action, awesome special effects, the love story and even some comedy. There's a little bit of everything and the plot is great.

There are aspects of the reboot that are the same as the original Spider-Man movies, but at the same time they are different and it makes The Amazing Spider-Man more interesting.

Spider-Man, Spider-Man, does whatever a spider can. Spins a web, any size, catches thieves just like flies. Look out! Here comes Spider-Man.

Waters is a staff writer for The Wayne Independent and can be reached at kwaters@wayneindependent.com