“I don’t want to die with the music still inside me.” Thus begins Margaret Freeman’s It’s About Time, a compilation of 50 poems and pithy quotes chronicling the author’s life in Bethany, Pennsylvania.

“Poetry for me has been a way of solving problems and looking for the humorous side of life,” Freeman says.

In It’s About Time she shares memories of her childhood days growing up in Bethany, falling in love, dreams of the future, and even the challenges of living in today’s modern world, as in her witty parody, “Sleep Shopping,” in which Freeman explores the experience of shopping while lying in the comfort of her bed watching Home Shopping Network with a faithful credit card next to her.

In “Class Poem”, the first entry in her book of verse, she shares her thoughts and feelings as she graduated from high school in 1952, leaving behind the comforts of the classroom and stepping into an unknown world ahead.

“Perhaps those about to graduate from high school now will understand and connect with what I was feeling more than 60 years ago,” she said.

Freeman is giving away a select number of these books with the hope that recipients will make a donation to the Bethany Public Library.

“My mother came here from Norway,” explained Freeman, “and she did not speak English. I was told by past librarians that she taught herself to read English by going to the library as often as she could, and that she read almost every book in the library. So I’m greatly indebted to the Bethany Public Library for helping my mother not only read, but find hope and freedom in what she read. So I want to support our great little library here in Bethany, and I hope those who receive my book will share my gratitude for what books did for my mother and they will make a donation to our library.”

Freeman will be discussing the creation of It’s About Time and signing books at the Bethany Public Library on Friday evening, May 16, beginning at 7:00 p.m. Refreshments will be provided by many of Ms Freeman’s friends and neighbors in Bethany.

Freeman’s concluding quote reminds us all of life’s reality: “Old age is not for sissies,” she writes.