Walking inside of the expanded greenhouse at Honesdale Agway causes owner Mark Lopatofsky to beam with pride.

"We wanted something that's modern and something for easy shopping," he said.

The new state-of-the-art greenhouse expansion began in October of last year. Despite the frigid winter, the building was able to be finished during the spring.

"We were finished on April 5 of this year," he said.

The new facility has doubled the inventory space and has wider, more convenient aisles for budding gardeners to get their fill of flowers.

The greenhouse allows for one-stop shopping for both beginner and experienced gardeners.

Growing beauty

The greenhouse, located at 35 Brown Street in Honesdale, is the perfect pairing of technology and natural beauty.

"The structure is fully automated," Lopatofsky said. "There is a shade on the top and sides that automatically move in and out as necessary."

The building functions similar to a living organism by adjusting the roof and sides to keep the plants inside at the optimum temperature.

Lopatofsky said that the building starts heating when the internal temperature reaches 65 degrees and cooling at 70 degrees.

"The computer controls the environment so the plants are at a constant temperature," he explained.

The benefit of having a controlled growing environment is a better plant.

"The plants are healthier and continue to grow into a good quality product," he explained.

Community minded

Expanding the local business was part of a natural progression for Lopatofsky.

"We purchased the Agway from the corporation in 2000," he said.

Besides investing in the community with this structure, Lopatofsky said that the plants populating the greenhouse all have local roots.

"The plants are locally grown within 60 miles of the store," he explained.

Honesdale Agway is open weekdays from 8 a.m. - 6 p.m., Saturday from 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. and Sunday from 8 a.m. - 4 p.m.

This Saturday, Lopatofsky invites the community to an Open House highlighting the new greenhouse complete with in store specials.

To learn more about Honesdale Agway, visit www.honesdaleagway.com.