– A vacant piece of property owned by the Western Wayne School District is now in the hands of Lake Township.

The former Lakeside Elementary School has been vacant since the completion of the EverGreen Elementary School in 2011. Western Wayne has since been looking for a buyer of the building.

The Lake Township Supervisors offered the district $100,000 for the property. It was voted on by the school board Monday night.

A motion was made saying that the Western Wayne School District “shall convey the property with improvements identified...to Lake Township for a consideration of $100,000.”

The motion passed unanimously.

“This is the best thing that happened to the school district,” said board member Donald McDonough. “We've been trying out best to get the most money that we could out of it. We wanted to get the best price for the taxpayers.”

He added that the district almost break even.

“The building cost us almost $100,000 the last few years it's been empty,” McDonough stated. “We were wasting money there and I didn't believe it had to be heated, so in December I asked to stop that.

“This is a break even point with the money we had to use to maintain and secure the building.”

McDonough added some of the windows of the building had been broken so they had to have it secured. He added they also had to keep the building insured.

“We wanted to turn it over to someone who wants to do something with it,” he said.

He explained someone previously wanted to purchase the property and turn it into an apartment complex, but it fell through.

“This is the last piece of property we don't use anymore that we want to get rid of,” McDonough said.

The former South Canaan Elementary School was previously sold to St. Tikhon's for $600,000 and the former Hamlin Elementary School went for $750,000.

“It was the only one hanging over our heads,” McDonough said. “We aren't making money on it, but it will break even. It's still a win for us in that situation.”

The Lake Township Supervisors approved their end of the agreement at their meeting Tuesday night.

“We want to keep it as a community recreation center,” said chairman Scott Swingle. “We'll also be keeping the ball fields.”

He added they are still discussing ideas for the property.

“We're keeping our options open,” Swingle stated.

The paperwork is being completed by the lawyers of each side.

Superintendent Clay LaCoe said the board will decide where the $100,000 will go in the budget.