HONESDALE - As one Main Street project nears completion, another will follow.

UGI Penn Natural Gas expects to finish restoration on Main Street in about a week, while Aqua Pennsylvania is expecting to receive a permit for water line work in the area.

UGI spokesman Joe Swope said in an email Thursday, "We expect to complete restoration by May 9."

Aqua, meanwhile, is awaiting a permit from PennDOT to replace the water mains.

There is no timeframe for the water company to be granted the application but it could receive it in 30 days.

"Nothing is set in stone," PennDOT spokesman Michael Taluto said.

The water work would be on Main Street between 4th and 12th streets and would take place between 6 p.m. and 6 a.m., officials said.

"If all the stars align, we will be finished the pipe work in the fall," said Aqua communications manager Donna Alston in an email. "But (PennDOT) requires that trenches settle for 90 days prior to final pave restoration, which would push that into 2015."

She added, "We won’t know the cost until the job is bid and don’t like to give ballpark figures prior as it can impact the bid process."

Swope said, "After Aqua completes their work, UGI and Aqua will share the cost of an overlay to the street." The cost was unclear Friday.

Facing east from 12th Street, the gas main work has been concentrated on the left part of the road. The water main project will be on the other side.

Aqua is expected to spend $8 million throughout its Honesdale operating division comprised of parts of Wayne, Lackawanna, Monroe and Pike counties.

“Much of the water infrastructure in Pennsylvania is aging and reaching the end of its useful life,” said Aqua Pennsylvania President Steve Tagert in a news release. “Aqua is committed to making ongoing, prudent investments to update and improve our infrastructure so that we can continue to provide our customers with quality water and wastewater services. We have seen first-hand how this investment is helping to increase service reliability. We are confident the improvements that are slated for this year will be equally as beneficial.”

The gas project started in July 2013 as part of UGI's multi-year $1.2 billion infrastructure betterment initiative. The focus was to replace cast iron and unprotected steel pipelines with facilities made of contemporary materials.

The project was "part of UGI’s continuing commitment to provide safe and reliable natural gas service to our customers and our communities and we appreciate our customers’ and the community’s understanding," vice president of operations Robert P. Krieger said in a news release.