CANAAN TWP. - The State Correctional Institution at Waymart was on lockdown Wednesday after an inmate-on-inmate attack, Superintendent Wayne J. Gavin reported.

The assault happened at about 9:12 p.m. Tuesday when an inmate armed with a razor blade sliced the neck and right arm of the other prisoner.

The assaulted inmate required treatment at a local hospital and was released back to the prison.

His injuries were not life-threatening and no officers were injured, said Joe Vinansky, the prison's public information officer.

Vinansky said there were numerous witnesses and officials are investigation what prompted the attack.

The stabbing happened in a general population part of the prison and the inmates were quickly restrained by officers.

“Corrections officers immediately responded to this incident and restored order on the housing unit within minutes," Gavin said in a release. "The institution will remain under emergency conditions until such time that a general search of the facility is completed and the investigation has concluded.”

The superintendent added, "SCI Waymart’s Security Office and the Pennsylvania State Police are investigating the incident; therefore, no inmate identification will be provided by the DOC."

The accused inmate used a homemade knife - a razor blade attached to a toothbrush.

"It's a common weapon," Vinansky said, noting prisoners are allowed to have razor blades for shaving.

Inmates use "almost anything" for a weapon.

"They tend to be quite creative," Vinansky said.

The prison was still on lockdown as of late Wednesday.

The lockdown is taken to control the movement of inmates as officers conduct a facility-wide search.

The prisoners will be taken off lockdown "when we feel comfortable," Vinansky said.

"We have to be judicious," said the prison spokesman.

It was unclear for what crimes the two inmates were sentenced.

The Waymart facility is a medium security prison housing 1,100 inmates and a 120-bed Forensic Treatment Center.