— Crews from UGI Utilities are performing restoration work in the borough and "residents should see a significant improvement by the end of the week," said spokesman Joe Swope in an email.

The work will be a three-part process. Crews will first do a "saw cut," which essentially provides a "nice even edge on which to do the restoration," said the spokesman.

Crews will then do the repair with blacktop.

"Just as a point of information, blacktop plants close down in cold weather. That's part of the reason permanent restoration isn't possible until spring," Swope said.

Following that, the crews will seal the edges of the repair to keep water from seeping into the repaired areas.

"We expect the repair to take about a week," said Swope.

The spokesman said in an email, "All restoration will be done with blacktop. The cold patch that was used during the winter is a temporary repair until blacktop is applied. My understanding is that the work will be done during the day and should be completed by 4:00 each afternoon.

Swope added that UGI is paving "wherever gas pipeline was done. I'm not sure of the route of the pipeline through town, but it's possible that if service lines were run across the street that restoration may be needed on both sides."

UGI Utilities is replacing about 63 miles of antiquated gas lines in the region, including lines beneath Main Street.

According to UGI, gas main replacement is being performed from the 400 to 1100 blocks of Main Street. It totals 3,850 feet.

The Honesdale project is part of a $1.2 billion statewide initiative to replace gas mains.

The company has been replacing cast iron and bare steel mains with contemporary materials. In addition, there's been pressure reinforcements to accommodate system growth, service line and meter replacements and regulator station work.

Swope has said new meters were placed outside businesses on Main Street because the pressure in them was increased from low to moderate - the latter being 60 pounds of pressure.

Having an increased flow of pressure will make the systems more reliable, according to the spokesman.

UGI officials have said the infrastructure projects continue their commitment to ensure their system provides safe and reliable service to customers.