Borough Councilwoman Tiffany Kominski has resigned about four months after taking office.

 Borough Councilwoman Tiffany Kominski has resigned about four months after taking office.

"I'm done. It's pathetic," the former councilwoman said in an interview Monday afternoon.

She added in a resignation letter, "It has become clear to me that the council is making a mockery of the power given to them by the voters of our own town."

Kominski took the oath of office in January.

The resignation comes about a week after the former mayor, Ed Langendoerfer, resigned his position.

Council President James Brennan, who is also acting mayor, said Monday he will instruct the borough secretary to advertise the vacant council position.

As far as the empty council seat, the borough has 30 days to fill the position, said solicitor Richard Henry.

In an interview, Kominski said she was frustrated by the lack of communication on council, how the borough is not making progress and how she is kept in the dark on many issues.

In a prepared statement, she said, "Council is sworn to be fair and just, while working together for the betterment and safety for Honesdale. That is not how things are (and) I have witnessed it personally."

The former councilwoman also said she is busy with her employment at Wayne Memorial Hospital and is seeking a dual master's degree.

"I liked my quiet life," Kominski said.

Kominski said she enjoyed working on council in an effort to help the borough get grants for projects.

"And I hope they get them," Kominski said.

But the Honesdale resident also expressed frustration, saying taxpayers need to get more involved with the community.

The resignation letter partly reads, "I ran for council to make a difference and help make things better as I, and many others, saw a need for change to help reinstate faith in our town. I am sad to say that I alone cannot make a difference nor help those in need, as good will not overcome bad when so few are willing."

Kominski also said in the resignation letter that council members have many "personal vendettas and agendas of others."

She said, "I feel some of the council members have lost sight of who they represent and what they have been elected to do."

Kominski's resignation, like that of Langendoerfer, caught some council members off guard.

"Absolutely it's a surprise," said council member Scott Smith, adding that he is "very sad" because Kominski brought a lot to council.

"I think it's unfortunate. I'll be sorry to see her go," he added.

Councilwoman Juanita Pisano added, "I didn't see that one coming."

Brennan said he was "totally surprised" by the resignation.

"I feel very badly," he said.

He noted that he felt Kominski, like all council members, was "treated with the utmost respect."

Council members Bill Canfield and Carolyn Lorent could not be reached Monday afternoon.

Councilman Robert Jennings had no comment.