12 Week Total: 23.4lbs lost!

As we close the page on another Weight No More season, I am elated to say that I reached my 12 week goal. I beat it by .2 lbs actually! I was really sweating over it this last week as I had set a pretty ambitious bar for myself at 3.4lbs in the final 7 days.

I didn’t change my routine that much. I consumed virtually none of my bonus points. I exercised 5/7 days. I put in about 10 extra minutes per workout session. That’s it really. I didn’t starve myself or sit in a sauna for hours on end, although the latter did cross my mind. (That’s how Lucy lost weight, right?)

Some weeks the scale is your friend and some weeks it’s not regardless of how hard you are working. The important thing is to always, always keep your eye on the prize, be true to yourself and not to get discouraged if you have a bad week or two. What matters in the end is the sum total of all of your efforts. It is one of the hardest lessons that I have learned and am still learning.

I celebrated by taking the weekend “off” and by buying four new pair of pants from the “regular” woman’s section. I allowed myself a rare visit to McDonald’s and it was the best quarter pounder I have ever had. Seriously! I also treated myself to a few celebratory cocktails. This was my first such indulgence since the “Great Cupcake” episode in early January.

Come Monday morning though, I was “back on the wagon” again. You see, I am beginning the next leg of my journey. My newest goal is to lose an additional 39.8lbs before Jim and I get married in mid-July. While 40.2lbs was a good start, I still have a long way to go. If I continue as I have been I will more than likely be entering the final stretch just about the time that we embark on Weight No More 2015 and a year from now I will be crossing my personal finish line. ( I should be almost to Vegas on my stationary bike then too!)

It took the better part of 25 years to pack all of this weight on. To lose it in a span of two years isn’t that much of a sacrifice.

I will never be “skinny”. It just isn’t the way my body is made. I come from a long line of large boned, muscular women. Looking at pictures of my paternal Grandmother as well as both of my maternal Great Grandmothers I know I will never be under a size 10.

I’ve pulled out photographs of myself at my thinnest which was a size 12-14 and you know what? I looked darn good! The problem is I never thought that I did. I was in my early 20’s then and perceived myself as huge because I allowed society and other influences (both male and female) dictate to me what the ideal size was. How sweet would it be to travel back in a time machine and put this 45 year old mind and all its’ life experience back into that 20 year old body?

Youth is indeed wasted on the young.

So, Dear Reader: Thanks for following my progress and for all of the good vibes that you have been sending my way these past 12 weeks! Keep your eye on the prize and if you fall off that bicycle, pick yourself up, brush yourself off and keep pedaling!