Borough Mayor Ed Langendoerfer has resigned effective immediately.

- Borough Mayor Ed Langendoerfer has resigned effective immediately.

"I regretfully send this letter of resignation but also feel relieved I can go on about my daily business," said the former mayor in a resignation letter.

Langendoerfer, who served about two years, is self-employed with his tree-cutting excavating business.

"The police department issue has taken a lot out of me in so many ways," the letter reads, referring to disagreements and controversy over the ongoing police contract issue.

Council member Scott Smith said he believes council has 30 days to fill the position.

Smith added, "This is a complete shock."

The former mayor, who had previously served on council, expressed frustration that the borough is not making progress on issues.

"It's become such an agenda council," he said, adding that he is through with politics.

He noted that at a public meeting Monday night, one resident complained about a traffic ticket and another complained about speeding in the borough.

Either way the police can't win, Langendoerfer said.

"Let's just do away with the police department and see what happens," said a frustrated Langendoerfer. "This place would be a disaster."

Langendoerfer said he has been considering the resignation for a while.

The former mayor complimented Smith for working on the negotiations for the police contract.

Langendoerfer said some members of council have complained about what the police get paid but still voted in favor of the payments.

Langendoerfer said he is most proud of being involved with community initiatives and projects.

"I like the people and going to functions and getting to talk to people. I will definitely miss that," he said.

The resignation also caught Councilwoman Juanita Pisano off guard. "It is a surprise. I'm totally shocked."

Langendoerfer's resignation letter also reads, "I wish the council the best in the future and I hope they can get some of the issues resolved."

Council members James Brennan, Tiffany Kominski, Bill Canfield and Carolyn Lorent could not be reached at press time.

Councilman Robert Jennings had no comment.