Spring has started to make its mark on the area and that means spring cleaning for area residents.

Spring has started to make its mark on the area and that means spring cleaning for area residents.

While you are going through clothes that don't fit and shoes that are too tight, keep The Salvation Army in mind.

They are always looking for donations.

Affects of winter

The Salvation Army experiences an influx of donations at certain times of the year, but that isn't the case during winter.

“That's the time of year donations go down,” said Suzanne Weitzel, manager of the Honesdale location. ”People don't want to get out as often in the winter.”

Alan Miller, general supervisor of the store, said they were affected this past winter when people tended not to donate due to rough weather.

“We're looking forward to getting more items,” he said.

Weitzel explained that during the summer, donations are stored and are put out as items in the store sell.

“With the change of seasons it starts to pick up,” Weitzel added. “People go out more.”

Accepted items

While The Salvation Army is mainly known for taking clothes, but they accept a lot more.

“We'll take clothing that's usable and sellable,” Weitzel stated. “We also take knick-knacks, furniture and kitchen items.”

She added anything that is no longer needed, but is still in usable condition, can be used by The Salvation Army.

“We take just about anything,” Weitzel said. “Anything that's usable, we'll take it. We don't specify just shoes and clothing. We also take purses and other items like that.”


The Salvation Army in Honesdale is a store that has a manned donation center. Weitzel said you can bring items to the store between 9 a.m. and 6 p.m., seven days a week.

The Honesdale location employs 42 people.

“Donations can be dropped off in bags or boxes and dropped off at the donation center,” she said.

Weitzel added items don't need to be separated.

She also said they have truck pickup, which is affiliated with the Scranton location.

Truck pickup allows The Salvation Army to come to your house and pick up donations.

At www.satruck.org you can schedule a pickup time, find drop off locations near you and even find out where you can donate your vehicle.

An appointment can also be made by calling 1-800-SA-TRUCK.

You can also find more information on The Salvation Army, the value of donated goods and more.

Helping the community

The Salvation Army also faces competition with other entities.

“We just try to get our name out there and advertise,” said Weitzel.

Donations that come to The Salvation Army also stay in Northeast Pennsylvania.

“We help out locally,” she said. “Money from the stores helps run the drug and alcohol facility in Scranton to provide housing, food and more.”

The Salvation Army also helps fire victims and the less fortunate.

“Everything stays local,” Weitzel said.