- The Wayne County Employment Coalition (WCEC) recently held a luncheon meeting at the Park Street Complex where Wayne County was honored for their support in “fostering the employment” of those with disabilities.

“This is a phenomenal thing we've been looking forward to and working hard on,” said Margaret Wilson, administrative entity and intellectual disabilities program specialist for the Wayne County Office of Behavioral and Developmental Programs. “I can't tell you how much I appreciate it.”

County benefits

The Wayne County Commissioners accepted the award from Cindy Matthews, director of Developmental Disabilities.

“I want to thank everyone involved for bringing people to us,” said Chairman Brian Smith. “It's really important to get people in the workforce. These individuals do a fantastic job. I'm glad to be part of the process.”

Commissioner Jonathan Fritz thanked WCEC for recognizing them.

“They are hard workers who do a lot for the county,” he said. “They have a great attitude and great work ethic.”

Commissioner Wendall Kay added those with disabilities should be given the same opportunities as the average person.

“They are all looking to have the opportunity and the chance to show what they are capable of doing,” he stated. “It shouldn't be a focus of what they are incapable of doing, but what they are capable of.”

Kay added this benefits all of us.

“It's a pleasure to meet new faces who are added to the workforce,” he said. “I encourage all employers to take the same opportunity we had [by hiring individuals with disabilities].”

Other honors

Amy Constantino from the dietary department at the Wayne County Area Agency on Aging and Skip Martin from maintenance, were also recognized for employing consumers, known as individuals with disabilities.

Amanda Richards from the Human Resources Center was recognized for successful employment of two consumers.

Chief Clerk Vicky Botjer received a certificate of appreciation for her assistance and ongoing support with the employment process.

About WCEC

The WCEC is a community coalition comprised of educators, employment support provider agencies, the Office of Vocational Rehabilitation, the Office of Developmental Programs, community businesses, Wayne County Office of Behavioral and Developmental Programs and Early Intervention staff, families and people with disabilities.

WCEC members work together to “promote successful employment, choice of employment opportunities and supports needs of individuals with disabilities in pursuit of an every day life.”

The coalition was formed in 2008 and has “grown in number and purpose.” WCEC facilitates information sharing and serves as a “central point of contact” for parents, employers and clients/consumers seeking support services from member agencies.

The coalition meets every other month. For information call (570) 253-9200.