Week 10 brought another .6lb weight loss. That’s 18.2lbs total since we embarked upon the Weight No More 2014 journey.

Week 10 brought another .6lb weight loss. That’s 18.2lbs total since we embarked upon the Weight No More 2014 journey.

I have to admit that I wish it was more. The scale has only moved 1.2lbs in the past two weeks and I’m feeling a little bit discouraged. Again I stuck to my diet. I exercised. I drank plenty of water. I did everything that I was supposed to do. Why wasn’t it more?

It is times like these though that I have to poke my head up out of the weeds and look back at how far I’ve actually come.

I am down a total of 35lbs since I began “dieting” in 2013.

That’s about what my dog Riley weighs. It’s also the ideal weight of a 3 year old child, 7 reams of copy paper, 4 gallons of water, a full trash can or 7 five pound bags of potatoes. I cannot imagine what it would feel like carrying any of those things around 24 hours a day/7 days a week and yet at one time I was doing just that. I can feel my lower back ache simply thinking about it!

One of my bosses complimented me a few days ago as having “stick-to-it-iveness”. He was describing my work ethic, but it also translates into my personal life. It is that scrapper mentality that I need to embrace right now and carry on. While I will more than likely not reach my original goal of 30lbs in 12 weeks, I can re-evaluate and vow to lose a total of at least 23.2. That would put me at an even 40lbs lost in 15 months.

It’s like winning the bronze instead of the gold. The thing is I still made it to the “Olympics” and I still “medaled”.

So, for now, the prize I have my eye on is a 5lb weight loss in the next two weeks. After that I’ll set my next goal and then my next again, until I eventually get to the weight I want to be. Little by little I’ll get there. It just might take me a little longer than I ideally wanted. You can’t give up though.

Speaking of not giving up, that shout of joy you may have heard coming from the North on Monday was me. I crossed into Ohio on the stationary bike. I’ll need to pedal about 355 miles now until I reach Illinois. I should see Chi-town (Chicago) sometime this summer!

I have also been attempting yoga at home. I found an old copy of “Yoga for Dummies” that I bought years ago. Laugh if you want, but it is actually a pretty good book from which to learn Yoga. The main issue I am having is with Riley who thinks it’s really cool that her “Mom” is on the floor and assumes that it is play time. I have no choice but to wrestle with the dog instead, playing tug of war and catch. I call it “Border Collie Boot Camp”.