Just over the Delaware River from Wayne County one can find a wide array of fine beer and food to sample at the Callicoon Brewing Company.

 Just over the Delaware River from Wayne County one can find a wide array of fine beer and food to sample at the Callicoon Brewing Company.

Owner Jim Wilson opened the doors back in July 2013 and in a short time the brewery gained a nice local following and has become a popular spot for tourists and seasonal residents as well.

“You never know who will walk in here,” said Mary Head one of the multi-faceted brewery employees. “It doesn’t really matter though, we try to make everyone who comes in here have a good time.”

In between pouring drafts, she jokes back and forth with a few regulars about the snow and the expected next blast of winter weather. She and Wilson also share some anecdotes about their most recent adventure, a trip to the Washington’s Birthday celebration at Henning’s Local in Eldred, where they took first place in the beer competition against some bigger names in New York brewing.

The most recent addition to the small, but growing line of Callicoon beers is the Brown Cow Porter. Unlike recent attempts by many breweries to put out an overly chocolaty or coffee flavored porter, Brown Cow mimics perfectly a classic English style porter.

Lacking a strong nose, its scent won’t overpower your olfactory nerves, but as you sip, the dry, malty notes of the beer become evident. While it checks in around 5.1 percent alcohol by volume (ABV), there’s very little alcohol taste, thus it pairs well with many dishes.

The lower ABV also means you can have a few of them without getting yourself sloppy! That’s good because you’ll want to stick around and enjoy another, or perhaps something else from the 11 or so taps, touting beers mostly from the Empire State.

Along with Callicoon’s two homemade offerings, they also feature brews from Ommegang, Southern Tier, Rushing Duck, Coney Island and Roscoe.

Another guest beer that has been lingering around is Bell’s Christmas Ale. As far as holiday brews go, Bell’s isn’t high in alcohol (5.5 percent) nor is it overly spiced. While it has a lot of natural flavor that comes from the toasted grains used in the brewing, Callicoon has put their own twist on the beer by serving it in a cinnamon and sugar rimmed glass, giving it an extra kick of flavor to chase away the winter blues.

“We came up with the idea for coating the rims when we had pumpkin ales on draft,” Head noted. “We tried it with the Christmas beer as well and it was very popular. We know it’s a seasonal beer but we’re going to try to keep getting it as long as we can because people like it.”

The brewery also offers a wide variety of sandwiches, soups, finger foods, and desserts, most of which are made with beer in the recipe.

In the kitchen cooking up the delicious grub is Aaron Whitmore, a Honesdale High School senior, who, after graduating in a few months, is hoping to head to culinary school in Lancaster.

One dish he eagerly delivered was bread pudding, a brewery favorite. A filling dessert to say the least, Callicoon’s bread pudding is packed full raisins and currants. The hearty texture of the bread is accompanied by smooth vanilla ice cream and a warm, sweet sauce made with the Brown Cow Porter. A glass of porter made for a nice pairing with the dessert.

Currently, the brewery opens at noon daily, Fridays through Mondays. They are closed on Tuesdays and don’t open until 3 p.m. on Wednesdays and Thursdays. For more information, check their website, www.callicoonbrewing.com for a full list of beers, food, and entertainment.