WAYMART-An area company is adding another location and will be helping residents of Mallard Meadows personal care home. Services will be starting Feb. 3.

WAYMART-An area company is adding another location and will be helping residents of Mallard Meadows personal care home. Services will be starting Feb. 3.

Comprehensive Physical Therapy, Inc. (CPT) is a private rehabilitation company that is owned by Suzanne and Stephen Atcavage. Mallard Meadows will be their fifth location, with offices in Forest City, Hawley, Dunmore and Carbondale.

Those four locations offer services to outpatients. CPT also offers services in house at Bethany Village.

CPT has been around since 1997 and was founded on the goal of providing "exceptional care and developing comprehensive, customized programs specific to each client's needs." They offer services to clients that "span all age ranges."

In October 2013 CPT took part in the Senior Expo at Ladore Lodge as a chance to "advertise service to seniors in the community" and were approached by Mallard Meadows about providing services in their building.

"It felt like a great fit for the company," said Darius Salko, building owner of Mallard Meadows.

"We used a home health agency and now we are bringing back in home services," said Donna Getts-Marich, administrator at Mallard Meadows.

"It's a great space that allows us to offer our services to the community in a private room," stated Stephen Atcavage.

CPT offers pre- and post-surgery therapy, physical therapy, occupational therapy, advanced orthopedic care, work hardening, pulmonary rehabilitation, balance and vestibular treatment and Lymphedema management.

Lymphedema is abnormal swelling of an arm, leg or other body part, resulting from "excessive buildup of fluid," called lymph. It affects both men and women who have experienced "lymph node dissection, radiation, infection or injury."

"We are moving to more preventative care to treat a person," Salko said. "It helps the patients heal as much as possible. It's beneficial and lets them live a longer, healthier life."

"Geriatrics has seen a lot of changes," said Suzanne Atcavage. "New approaches have helped patients stay stronger longer and helps improve the quality of life. It helps prevent declines and helps to bring people back from declines."

Looking ahead

In the future, CPT hopes to provide services to outpatients from Mallard Meadows as well.

"It's part of a long term plan," explained Stephen. "We would like to extend services to the community at this location in the future."

He added it's a "convenience factor."

"It's not just geographically," Salko said, "but it's a large out let to see more people. There are a lot of advantages to opening a physical therapy suite."

"The Forest City and Carbondale offices are so close and if people need therapy at a late even hour, those locations are open until 7 p.m. three nights a week," stated Stephen.

Another thing that may take place in the future involves Ages and Stages Child's Play and Learning Center, which is also located in Mallard Meadows.

"We are interested in providing child care for their customers during their therapy time," said Lu Ann DuPlessis, owner and director of Ages and Stages.

Ages and Stages is a Keystone Star 3 program and is "childcare with teaching."

Suzanne said once they get everything under control helping residents at Mallard Meadows, then they will start taking outpatients there too.

"We want to do what we do and do it well," she said.

In the family

Both CPT and Mallard Meadows are family-owned and operated businesses.

"We are two entities that are family-owned so you know we are putting people first," said Suzanne.

"We not only work in the community, we live in the community," said Stephen.

"I'm looking for this to be a long, prosperous relationship that will help better serve the community," stated Salko.