The Honesdale Police Department (HPD) said Thursday that a juvenile will be charged for shooting a BB-gun at a Wayne Highlands School District school bus. Superintendent of the Wayne Highlands School District, Greg Frigoletto, said that the event "occurred after dismissal" and affected bus number 44. He continued to say the driver of the bus "reported damage on a window" that had a "spiderwebbed" appearance. The children on the vehicle "were transported to another bus" and taken home. "As soon as we realized this was not just broken window, and could have been caused by an act of vandalism, we got the police involved," Frigoletto said. Investigation The HPD began their investigation of the incident on Tuesday minutes after it occurred. Detective Sergeant Sean LeStrange said Thursday a school bus "was struck with a projectile" while turning on to Grove Street in Honesdale after dismissal. "There was no one injured," he said. He added that the bus "was carrying a full load." LeStrange said "a window was damaged" as a result. A second bus was also damaged during this episode. The analysis of this case showed that the buses were struck with a BB-gun type rifle. LeStrange said this weapon was recovered. Patrolman Richard Fuschino said "a total of four officers" put many hours into investigating this report. It was during that time officers discovered "a similar incident" happened on Friday, Jan. 10. Damage to another bus occurred during that event. This information was uncovered by officers Thursday. "There was damage to a bus on Friday," Fuschino said. "The incidents are connected." The person of interest in this crime has been identified as a 14-year-old male from the Honesdale area. The department will file a juvenile petition with the following charges: criminal mischief, disorderly conduct, propulsion of missiles into an occupied vehicle or onto a roadway, reckless endangerment of another person and institutional vandalism. The accused "will be charged with one count of each," Fuschino explained. LeStrange remarked that bringing a case like this to a close is important for the department. "This incident is perceived as a very serious crime," he said. "Someone very easily could have been injured as a result." Fuschino articulated that this action was part of a pattern of behavior and it was imperative that it be stopped. "It was so important to bring this investigation to a conclusion before somebody was hurt."