Work on a new health care center in the area is coming along well and is expected to open this spring.

-Work on a new health care center in the area is coming along well and is expected to open this spring. The Hamlin Family Health Center (HFHC), located in the old Hamlin Elementary School on Route 191, is almost ready to open its doors to the public. It is expected to open in April or May of this year. The health center will have expanded primary care and walk-in service. It will also include the current Women's Health Center, which is being moved into the same building. There will be family physicians for “immediate access.” “The response of the community demands more immediate access,” said Fred Jackson, executive director of the Wayne Memorial Community Health Center (WMCHC). Services that will be provided through WMCHC are the primary care for walk-ins and regular office hours and the women's health center. Wayne Memorial Hospital (WMH) will also be providing lab work, radiology and ultrasounds. Jackson said it is a full walk-in service for immediate acute illnesses. The following is a list of what can be taken care of at a health care center: • Virus/flu • Vomiting, nausea, diarrhea • Gastrointestinal illness • Mild to moderate dehydration • Ear, throat and respiratory infections • Sprains, strains and simple fractures • Minor burns, cuts, puncture wounds and animal bites • Minor eye injuries • Rashes and allergic reactions • Mild to moderate asthma “We're expecting to have about 20 employees when it's fully developed,” Jackson said. He said that so far, two physicians have been hired. The project started in early fall 2013, but “has been in the planning stages for around two years.” In the summer of 2013, part of the building was torn down and made into a parking lot. What the public now sees as the back of the building, will be the front of the HFHC. Congressman Tom Marino is also renting some space in the building for offices. “We're pleased with the progress,” Jackson stated. He said the practitioners are new to the community and that it's “something we can really work well with.” “It's a great opportunity for people in Hamlin to get immediate access to medical care,” Jackson said. “I think it's a growing area and there's a lot of potential to serve the community there, where there is demand.” A survey has also gone out to members of the Southern Wayne Regional Chamber of Commerce to “try to understand what people are looking for.” Though it isn't officially determined yet, Jackson said the HFHC is expected to be open for 12 hours a day during weekdays and six hours a day on the weekends. “We're starting to compile the results of the surveys,” he said. The survey can be found at It's available until Jan. 24. Maria Diehl, public relations specialist for WMH, said as of last week there were 118 responses.