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  • - The following Marriage Licenses and Divorce Decrees were issued in the Wayne County Courthouse, Honesdale, PA, for the month of December, 2013: Marriage Licenses • Douglas Andrew Yeager and Deborah Ann Yeager • Cory Allen Leister and Olivia Titus Young Lee • Joseph Leonard Porcaro and Nancy Ann Knecht • Robert Dorsey Hager and Kristie Marie Hall • Michael Paul Pinand and Cassie Tyrie Sanders • Kristofer Nicholas Hiller and Stephanie Meredith Kilgallon Divorce Decrees • Carla F. Fritz vs. Charles J. Fritz • Tracy Ann Peirson vs. Rory Charles Peirson • Steven Reggie vs. Maria Reggie • Sharon Mundrake N/K/A Mullaney vs. Donald Mundrake • Christopher J. Marks vs. Robin J. Marks • Amanda A. Hector vs. Roger W. Hector Jr. • Philip Arasimowicz vs. Kim Arasimowicz • Tiffany A Smales N/K/A Jack vs. Louis D. Smales Property Transfers The following property transfers for the month of December, 2013, were recorded in the Wayne County Courthouse, Honesdale, PA. Abbreviations used are as follows: EXR: Executor; AF Attorney-in-fact; TR Trustee and ADM: Admisnistrator. Berlin Township Dec. 5: Ronald D. and Maureen Depasquale, a property to John T. Depasquale and Anna Scarfalloto, $130,000.00 Dec. 12: Rose M. Eno, a property to Charles A. Dennis, $42,600.00 Bethany Borough Dec. 24: Susan M. Lehman, a property to Frank and Gabrielle Modugno, $15,000.00 Buckingham Township Dec. 5: Richard R. Attridge TR, Donna J. Attridge TR and Robert W. Attridge Revocable Living Trust, a property to Philip A. Cowan and Cornelia V. Daley, $95,000.00 Canaan Township Dec. 20: George C. Murphy and Margaret Thonnesen Murphy, a property to Jennifer Ward, $217,000.00 Dec. 30: Margaret Thonnesen Murphy and George C. Murphy, a property to John A. and Tammy L. Zdziarski, $29,000.00 Cherry Ridge Township Dec. 9: Cheryl L. Maloney, a property to Steven R. and Karen A. Martin, $80,000.00 Dec. 24: Roland J. Rattee, a property to John and Janie Storey, $90,000.00 Clinton Township Dec. 27: Jeffrey and Coleen Zoebisch, a property to Robert Shanney, $143,000.00 Dec. 12: Richard J. McBride, a property to Johathan G. and Jacqueline P. Weaver, $200,000.00 Damascus Township Dec. 2: Oswald P. Nitschke, a property to Wade Ebert, $10,000.00 Dec. 20: Lucille Anne Sheard, a property to Joan B. Gravina, $39,000.00 Dec. 23: Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation and Daniel McGovern, a property to John J. Roca, $62,000.00 Dec. 31: Kristina S. Adams EST AKA, Kristina Adams EST AKA, Kristina Sue Adams EST AKA, Kristina Susan Adams EST AKA, Emily Wood EXR and Denise Wood EXR, a property to John Schwab, Vanessa Lynn Rossignol and Elinor R. Fitch, $93,280.00 Dreher Township Dec. 2: Jill L. Hunt ADM, Karl K Labarr Jr. EST AKA, and Karl K. Labarr EST AKA, a property to Stephen Bottiglieri, $4,500.00 Dec. 6: William C. Dowling, a property to Robert L. Hickey and linda L. Hickey, $500.00 Dec. 9: Jeffrey A. and Zahra J. Yohe, a property to Tino Cannata and Tiziana Cavezza, $195,900.00 Dec. 12: Holdings Jordan, a property to Thomas Mc Carty Jr., $1.00 Dec. 12: Thomas McCarty Jr., a property to Holdings Jordan. $1.00 Dyberry Township Dec. 4: Mark A. Flynn and Jane M. Flynn, a property to Luis Pereyra, $174,500.00 Dec. 5: Mark A. Reed, a property to Stephen Reed and Lucinda Reed, $115,000.00 Dec. 11: Kevin P. and Cynthia S. McGinnis, a property to Stephen E. Reed and Lucinda A. Reed, $230,000.00 Hawley Borough Dec. 13: Wayne Bank, a property to Janusz Berghoff, $26,000.00 Dec. 31: Barbara Everett, a property to Bethany Keene, $99,600.00 Honesdale Borough Dec. 9: Cinda W. Tietjen, a property to Vasiliy Bolely, $84,000.00 Dec. 10: Gerald C. Crum, a property to Philip L. Lather, $46,000.00 Dec. 11: Pennymac Loan Trust Two Zero One Two by AF and Pennymac Loan Services AF, a property to William Nehrbass, $40,000.00 Dec. 23: Rogue Investments, a property to R M Lochan L L C, $63,000.00 Dec. 27: Carlo Fodera, a property to Miss Allaninious Capital Partners, $245,000.00 Dec. 30: Dorothy F. Pawlik AKA By AF, Sandra Cotton AF and Dorothy R. Pawlik AKA by AF, a property to Daniel J. Sienko, $75,000.00 Dec. 31: Kevin Pender and Debra S. Pender, a property to Matthew G. Coar, $5,000.00 Lake Township Dec. 2: Mary Caccamo, a property to Sunity Soom, $47,700.00 Dec. 3: Corrado Trident, Teresa Lynn Maniace Tridente and Teresa Lynn Maniacetridente, a property to Peter D and Mary A. Boyer, $226,000.00 Dec. 4: Mary Jo and Michael Cannon, a property to Kathleen J. Dempsey, Robert N. Dempsey and Gerard P. Dempsey, $200,000.00 Dec. 4: Walter Bischoff and Patricia Snyder, a property to Brad T. Evans, $135,000.00 Dec. 5: U S Bank national Association TR by AF and Select Portfolio Servicing Inc. AF, a property to Simon Jason McAllister and Sherri McAllister, $102,608.00 Dec. 9: Henry J. Moll and Nancy A. Moll, a property to Camillo and Teresa Agostino Casano, $127,000.00 Dec. 11: Bruce A. White and Virginia L. White, a property to Alan and Jennifer Michnowski, $140,000.00 Dec. 16: Camille Coppola, a property to David L. Viteri and Kimberly C. Matos, $130,000.00 Dec. 17: Deborah A. Gray, a property to Julia M. Grodski, $90,000.00 Dec. 17: Barbara E. Burlingame, a property to John R. and Patricia C. Green, $321,000.00 Dec. 18: J P Morgan Chase Bank, a property to Sharon P and Jean E. Kulesza, $87,000.00 Dec. 18: Michael D. Colarusso, a property to Steven P and Renee M. Lauthers, $72,500.00 Dec. 18: Robert V. and Joan D. Curti, a property to Timothy J. and Seilah A. Fuller, $100,000.00 Dec. 19: Carl B. Newman by Agent and Michael D. Walker Agent, a property to James C. and Laurie Lasalle, $198,250.00 Dec. 21: Michael A. and Linda A. Dipierro, $30,000.00 Lebanon Township Dec. 12: Richard F. and Elisabeth K. Rowe, a property to Boathouse Rowe, $1.00 Dec. 13: Todd P. and Cynthia D. Leff, a property to Barry J. and Darci J. Harvey, $260,000.00 Dec. 24: Joseph A. Harcum, Nancy R. Harcum by AF, Alfred J. Howell AF and Duck Harbor Company, a property to Robert James Heller, $65,000.00 Lehigh Township Dec. 4: Jacqueline Mary Lupardo Living Trust, Jacqueline Mary Lupardo IND & TR and Scott Joseph Lupardo IND & TR, a property to James R. Domenick and Katherine L. Clupper, $415,000.00 Dec. 5: Joan Ann Fischetti AKA and Joan A. Fischetti AKA, a property to Russel Folmar, $45,000.00 Dec. 5: Albert E. Brennan EST AKA, Albert Brennan EST AKA and Joann T Bruno EXR & IND, a property to Breezewood Land Devlopment Co. Inc., $1.00 Dec. 10: Elizabeth Beaver, EXR, Virgilio Dasilva EST AKA and Virgilio O. Dasilva EST AKA, a property to Thomas J. Butler, $38,000.00 Dec. 13: G C Marketing Inc., a property to Thomas Hayes, $1,000.00 Dec. 16: William Kirk and Roberta Targonski, a property to Joanne L. Kopcho, $295,000.00 Dec. 17: John Rivano, a property to Joan Campbell, $8,500.00 Dec. 19: Raul F. Rivano, a property to Robert Roberto Martinez Rinaldi, $1.00 Dec. 23: Lucrecia Alburqurque and Miquelina Arredondo, a property to Marco Pizzalli and Milagros Ubri, $13,000.00 Dec. 27: Lakeview Estates International Corp, a property to Prashant and Neha Patel, $30,000.00 Manchester Township Dec. 6: Alvin W. Dawson, Brian G. Dawson and Wayne County Tax Claim Bureau, a property to Juanita V. Kenyon and Raymond Kenyon Sr., $526.30 Dec. 6: Dorothy Lawrence EST and Wayne County Tax Claim Bureau, a property to Christopher Pendl and Michael Depasquale, $556.30 Dec. 19: Rachelle E. Cinque TR and Rachelle E. Cinque Revocable Trust, a property to Christopher W. Teeple and Susan L. Zieres, $1.00 Oregon Township Dec. 5: Mary Jaeger, a property to Richard A. and Bernadette T. McCann, $184,000.00 Palmyra Township Dec. 16: Housing & Urban Development, a property to Catherine L. Walpole, $108,000.00 Paupack Township Dec. 2: Dennis S. and Andrea R. Shimer, a property to Charles Chester, $130,000.00 Dec. 5: Bank of New York Mellon TR by AF and Bank of America, a property to Roy E. Nelson, $91,000.00 Dec. 12: Mary E. Sullivan, a property to Cora M. Jones, $130,000.00 Dec. 12: Todd W. Perotto and Gregory V. Perotto, a property to Joseph W. Bus, $222,300.00 Dec. 9: Mark J. Conway TR and Florence E. Morton EST, a property to Wesley E. Hall and Barbara Wallace, $22,500.00 Dec. 9: David J. and Susan C. Friel, a property to Richard T. and Maureen Lang, $170,000.00 Dec. 10: John W. Thomas and Jean D. Thomas, a property to Dennis A. Stapola and Kathleen A. Stapola, $205,000.00 Dec. 11: Patricia Sewell, Patricia Cagliostro, Denise and Clifford B. Jaeger, a property to Scott Miller and Maryellen Miller, $145,000.00 Dec. 13: William Opperman and Tamara Opperman, a property to Michael R. and Faith L. Hipsman, $235,000.00 Dec. 17: Vivian C. Casciotta by Agent and Charles F. Casciotta Agent, a property to Elizabeth Becker, $57,500.00 Dec. 18: Marlene Danilovitz, a property to Lakeview Hunting Club, $400,000.00 Dec. 18: Victor and Karen Hermey, a property to Dohn C. Eliame, $169,000.00 Dec. 18: Joseph J. Papp and Marjorie A. Papp, a property to Michael A. and Sue Mitch, $180,000.00 Dec. 23: Michael J. and Patricia M. Carr, a property to Douglas A. and Patricia S. Brandes, $282,000.00 Dec. 30: Caroline Rispoli, a property to Steven Digiovanni and Ruchika Sindhu, $250,000.00 Dec. 30: Caroline Rispoli, a property to Steven Digiovanni and Ruchika Sindhu, $10,000.00 Dec. 30: Caroline Rispoli, a property to Steven Digiovanni and Ruchika Sindhu, $15,000.00 Dec. 30: Elizabeth Rudnicki, a property to Linda C. Fisher, Sandra J. McLaine and Suzanne M. Oberman, $162,500.00 Preston Township Dec. 6: Sharon Lapadula and Edward Anthony Delvecchio, a property to Douglas E. Vanhorn and Leah A. Vanhorn, $125,000.00 Dec. 10: Ellen M. Hathaway, a property to Michael J. and Barbara P. McMonagle, $77,500 Prompton Borough Dec. 23: Michael J. and Dale J. O’Dell, a property to Michael C. Felsman, $127,500.00 Salem Township Dec. 3: Michael Knowlton and Phyllis A. Robison Trust, a property to Robert E. Martin Jr. and E. Leigh Marshall, $450,000.00 Dec. 3: Susan B. Gaylo, a property to William J. Tracy, $180,000.00 Dec. Thomas and Jane Brady, a property to Lidia Valle, $80,000.00 Dec. 3: Fannie Mae AKA, Federal National Mortgage Association AKA and Phelan Hallinan L L P, a property to Joseph J. and Lisa Jara, $55,000.00 Dec. 13: Dominick J. Antidormi, Carla A. Klim and Carla A. Antidormi, a property to Robert H. Hughes Jr. and Brenda L. Hughes, $170,872.00 Dec. 13: Robert R. and Phyllis Shaitelman, a property to Jeanine Marcello and Michael F. Arnold, $112,000.00 Dec. 16: Jack C. and Mary Ann Rizzo, a property to Thomas Assenza and Steven Lacava, $107,000.00 Dec. 18: James K. and Tracy A. Fawley, a property to Albert and Carolina Walton, $137,000.00 Dec. 18: Gary Pozza and Angelo J. Pozza, a property to Family Vision Care Associates P C, $70,000.00 Dec. 20: George J. and Michelle Grassi , a property to Grassie & Sons Inc., $1.00 Dec. 20: George Joseph Grassie, a property to Grassie & Sons Inc., $1.00 Dec. 30: Joseph B. Ambrosino, a property to Andrea Britt and Daniel B. Murphy, $125,000.00 Scott Township Dec. 10: Ellen M. Hathaway, a property to Michael J. and Barbara McMonagle, $77,500.00 South Canaan Township Dec. 3: Herbert C. and Laura May Haas, a property to Joshua D. and Desiree R. Vinton, $185,500.00 Dec. 10: Judy K. Burkhardt, a property to Christopher J. O’Connor, $320,000.00 Dec. 31: Irmgard Hoefer, a property to Raymond and Cheryl A. Lewis, $88,158.40 Sterling Township Dec. 6: Suna Serpin, Gunduz M. Serpin and Wayne County Tax Claim Bureau, a property to Dennis Hynes, $333.30 Dec. 23: Cristina T. Pirvulescu, a property to Jenel Murgu, $2,500.00 Texas Township Dec. 31: Orley Mae White, a property to Matthew L. and Carrie Meagher, $95,473.60 Dec. 31: Magda Ferencz, a property to William J. and Sandra L. Wulff, $2,500.00 Waymart Borough Dec.11: Dime Bank, a property to Leonard B. Griffiths Jr. and Jolene Griffiths, $54,000.00 Dec. 20: Susan L Richter EXR and Francis T. Sutor EST, a property to Lynn S. Marks II and Claire Marks, $55,055.00
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