The holiday season has officially least in terms of the average person.

The holiday season has officially least in terms of the average person.

In other words, to everyone outside of the commercialization world.

To them, getting ready for Christmas began before Halloween even hit. I remember going into stores and I'd see Halloween and Christmas things. I love Christmas, I really do. It's my favorite holiday after all, but honestly, I don't want to see anything regarding Christmas until Black Friday.

That's when that holiday season starts for me.

There's been such a push for Christmas that it seems to be starting earlier and earlier every year. Before long, the fun term of Christmas in July will become a reality at the rate it's being commercialized.

I love shopping. Period. I'm female so it's already part of my DNA (and men love to tease us for it). But I don't want to see Christmas so early.

My holiday shopping starts on Black Friday and that's how it always will be. Yes, I'm one of those people who does that. It's a fun tradition that I have with my mom and sister.

And now stores are opening their doors earlier on Thanksgiving Day?! There's so much I can say about that idea that I won't be able to fit in this column (or it would be way too long).

I can't even say how many times I saw stories or posts where people were complaining about the stores being open on Thanksgiving and how some of their family members had to work because of it.

All of those complaints are understandable. I mean, it's Thanksgiving. That is a time meant to be spent with your loved ones, not shopping during the meal.

Can you imagine one of your relatives saying, "Sorry I can't make dinner. I'm going to start my shopping and beat Black Friday." Guaranteed that doesn't go over well.

It boggles my mind that people even WANT to shop on Thanksgiving. On the flip side of those complaints, I'm willing to bet that some of them were the ones out shopping later. Maybe not all and maybe not the majority of them, but some of them for sure.

I agree with my dad when he said that the best way to make the commercialized markets rethink being open on Thanksgiving is to just not go shopping. Period. It's actually quite simple.

Don't want stores open on the holiday? Then don't go out shopping. That's only enticing them to think, "Hey this is a great idea. Let's continue this each year." Give them a taste of what they fear (of not making money) on the holiday and don't go out. Just enjoy the holiday with your family, as it should be spent.

A lot of places are open at midnight of Black Friday anyway, so is it really that big a deal to wait a few more hours before going shopping? Many of the deals will still be the same too.

Let's take back the holidays and refuse to shop on those days. Instead, shop around the holidays. There's plenty of time between Thanksgiving and Christmas to get those gifts taken care of.

Waters is a staff writer for The Wayne Independent and can be reached at