The following Marriage Licenses and Divorce Decrees were issued in the Wayne County Courthouse, Honesdale, for the month of October, 2013:

The following Marriage Licenses and Divorce Decrees were issued in the Wayne County Courthouse, Honesdale, for the month of October, 2013: Marriage Licenses Lawrence Edward Curran and Karen Lucia Gagne Anthony Damico and Melissa Costa Morales John H. Hinkley Jr. and Jennifer Lynne M. Keller Randy Doyle Elders and Patricia Kelly Fulton Mark Ronald Hessling and Simone June Musolino Brian Cris Sullivan and Karen Judith Corsi Philip Andrew Reiprich and Casey Lee Rogers Divorce Decrees Ryan E. Carroll vs. Jessica Carroll Jocelyn M. Stackhouse NKA Young vs. Dale R. Stackhouse Amanda tucker vs. Joshua Tucker Sandra M. Flannery vs. Ryan J. Flannery Beth Marie Taninies vs. Clarke Christopher Taninies Tammi McCabe vs. Christopher McCabe Beth M. Kenyon vs. Timothy B. Kenyon Heather Jeanne Rodriguez vs. Jimmy Rodriguez Eugene Lepore vs. Denise Lapore Todd C. Beatty vs. Amy J. Beatty Verinica J. Loomis vs. Rodney K. Loomis Christopher F. Marston vs. Jill Marston Amber L. Bower vs. David B. Bower III Brian M. McConnell vs. Jenny L. Harman AKA McConnell Kenneth Williams vs. Melissa Bundy Williams Property Transfers The following property transfers for the month of October, 2013, were recorded in the Wayne County Courthouse, Honesdale. Abbreviations used are as follows: EXR: Executor; AF Attorney-in-fact; TR Trustee and ADM: Admisnistrator. Berlin Township Oct. 1: Dave T. Olver Jr. and Stacey M. Olver, a property to Todd Olver and Page Olver, $160,000 Oct. 10: John A. and Rita Losinno, a property to Jesse and Tanya S. Edwards, $310,000 Oct. 24: Myron W. Hennemuth EST, Gail Hennemuth EXR AKA and Gail Hennemuth Chilewski EXR AKA, $85,000 Bethany Borough Oct. 18: Byron C. White, a property to Christine A. Nehlsen, $163,900 Buckingham Township Oct. 11: Michael Beckerman and Sujin Beckerman, a property to Daniel Pellegrino, $287,500 Oct. 17: Brady Simpson, Denise M. Avaschieri AKA, Denise Avaschieri AKA and Denise M. Avaschieri AKA, a property to Denise M. Avaschieri, $1 Oct. 21: Amy Haimes and Howard Haimes, a property to John Jeffrey Ryan and Catherine B. Ryan, $699,875 Canaan Township Oct. 24: Marianne R. Carey, Christine A. Carey, Lisa McCallian AKA, Lisa Carey AKA, Jesse A. Carey and William J. Carey Jr., a property to American Tower Asset Sub, $1 Cherry Ridge Township Oct. 15: A A I Inc., a property to Karen L. McConnell, $130,000 Oct. 17: Joseph A. Krempasky, and Amy C. Krempasky, a property to Jacob and Teresa Rowe, $175,000 Oct. 21: Cheryl L. Maloney, a property to Richard E. and Jessica G. Rawlins, $30,000 Oct. 25: John Hagler, property to Lake Wanoka Resort, $600,000 Clinton Township Oct. 22: Patrick and Mary Catherine McCarthy, a property to Felix J. Devaney and Felix J. Devaney Jr., $25,000 Oct. 28: Many Ann Risboskin IND & ADM, Lean P. Grablutz EST and Frank Grablutz, Karen Knehr Cook and Karen Knehrcook, a property to Karen Knehr Cook and Karen Knehrcook, $100,000 Damascus Township Oct. 1: Gary Giovanniello and Michelle Giovanniello, a property to Harold G. and Mary A. Roeder, $285,000 Oct. 1: Chase L. Holl, Tegan J. Holl, Dustin C. Holl and Logan W. Holl, a property to Dave T. Olver Jr. and Stacey M. Olver, $238,000 Oct. 7: Fred E. Hettinger and Carol Hettinger, a property to timothy and Bobbie Lee Dailey, $35,000 Oct. 23: Douglas A. Yeager, a property to Arthur Goldberg and Michelle Sands, $155,526 Oct. 23: Rainbow Sands Irrevocale Trust, Thomas Michael Duderewicz, Susan Sy Duderewicz TR and Eagle Island Irrevocable Trust, a property to Paul and Wendy Owen, $290,000 Oct. 24: Jerry B. Zeeman and Barbara J. Rudnick, a property to James E. and Laura A. Zelinski, $179,000 Oct. 24: Leona Rolstondean, Leona Rolston Dean, a property to Bruce Wayne Burke TR, Susan A. Burke TR, Bruce Wayne Burke Declaration of Trust and Susan A. Burke Declaration of Trust, $117,000 Oct. 28: Douglas E. Roesch, a property to Jeremy and Adam Lugo, $170,000 Dreher Township Oct. 1: Lawrence J. Valeriano Jr, EXR and Paul Valeriano Sr. EST, a property to Goran Maric, $9,000 Oct. 17: Daniel J. Young and Antoinette M. Young, a property to Tele Cable Commuications, $3,000 Oct. 22: Paul Mamzic and Carrie Mamzic, a property to Richard J. Reidmiller, $235,000 Dyberry Township Oct. 1: William C. Joseph Jr. and Kim Phillips, a property to Jack E. Chyle, Ella Marie Chyle and Jackie Chyle, $133,900 Oct. 1: Christa Metka, a property to Bernard P. and Margaret McFall, $185,000 Oct. 7: Susan L. Tunis, a property to Thomas C. Bannan, $174,000 Oct. 23: William R. Patterson and Lucie Maggio Patterson, a property to Steven B. and Elizabeth P. Feldman, $485,000 Honesdale Borough Oct. 14: Jeffrey L. Gummoe and Ella Gummoe, a property to Tobico L L C $18,000 Oct. 28: Stephen Daley, a property to Travis and Mary M. Samson, $110,000 Lake Township Oct. 3: Jocelyn Lee Cramer and Alfred Preisser, a property to John W. Slater and Suzanne Weidner, $68,000 Oct. 10: Brenda Blum and Dennis Skavakis, a property to Roman J. Urbanski and Katarzyna J. Chylinski, $136,400 Oct. 15. Gregory W. Dickinson TR, Kristy A. Dickinson TR and Dickinson Living Trust, a property to Karen E. Salah Living Trust, $620,000 Oct. 15: Maureen Coleman, a property to Jack B. and Eddi Gorman, $6,000 Oct. 16: James R. Clark, Nancy C. Clark, Diane Filarowitz AKA, Dianne Filarowitz AKA and Guy Diviaio, a property to Sean Broughton and Joanne Broughton, $115,000 Oct. 21: Anthony S. Bonito, a property to Marianne Unger, $70,000 Oct. 22: James P. Grant and Megan Grant, a property to Jason P. Beswick and Caryn S. Beswick, $115,000 Oct. 23: Mary L. French By Agent and Philip E. French Agent, a property to Lawrence and Andrea Frotten, $325,000 Oct. 24: Daniel F. Snyder and Sue Ann Snyder, a property to John T. Fox and Rose Ann Fox, $129,000 Oct. 29: Mark A. Goldsmith and Debra L. Goldsmith, a property to Theodore J. Stevens Jr. and Renee A. Stevens, $562,500 Oct. 29: Joseph M. and Marie E. Zito, a property to Brian and Donna Bachmann $132,000 Oct. 29: John Peter Tripp, Erin Flynn Tripp, Richard Joseph Flynn and Susan Lynn Flynn, a property to Josephine Vaccaro, $167,500 Lebanon Township Oct. 11: Joseph J. Cieri, Phyllis S. Cieri, Pauline Cieri, Joseph J. Cieri Jr., Michelle Cieri, and Meredith Cieri, a property to Andrew P. and Corinne D. Pankovcin, $245,000 Oct. 16: Mark A. Pykus and Susan Pykus, a property to Leonard Beer, $27,375 Lehigh Township Oct. 2: Vincent Scalzo, a property to Matthew and Andrea Trubiano, $91,600 Oct. 3: Fisher & Fisher Law Offices EXR, Victor W. Worek EST, Deborah A. Worek EXR and Deborah A. Columella EXR, a property to Sandra L. Heil, $174,900 Oct. 4: Dolores Miller, Tammy Defilipo and Thomas a. Miller, a property to Carlos J. Torres and Jeannie Garcia, $7,500 Oct. 4: John Palma and Mike McLeod, a property to Michael J. McLeod and Sandra J. McLeod, $2,000 Oct. 8: Christine Mitchko, a property to Kevin Wentling, $30,000 Oct. 10: Anthony Vlachos, a property to George Carpozi III and Carolina Dana Carpozi, $2,000 Oct. 11: Frank Hlavna and Gabriela Hlavna, a property to Lubos Kuzar, $20,000 Oct. 11: Frank Jlavna and Gabriela Hlavna, a property to Lubos Kuzar, $130,000 Oct. 11: Bernadette Shea, a property to Shirley E. and Michael G. Ritter, $1,000 Oct. 16: Marc E. Leh By AF and Harold R. Leh Jr. AF, a property to Charles F. Bolger Jr., $7,000 Oct. 21: Thomas J. Giustino and Susan J. Giustino, a property to Joe D. Dudley and Christine M. Dudley, $170,000 Oct. 22: Robert E. Noecker Jr. and Debra A. Noecker, a property to Tim B. Stem, $18,000 Oct. 23: Carlos Adelino AKA, Carlos M. Adelino AKA, Sandra Adelino, AKA, Sandra Unkel and Sandra A. Adelino AKA, a property to Janice M. Simpler, $5,000 Oct. 23: Robert C. Vignes and Connie A. Vignes, a property to Thomas M. Roberts and Sandra W. Roberts, $155,000 Oct. 31: Robert J. Braun and Paula Braun, a property to Michael D. Mertel and Christine J. Mertel, $118,000 Manchester Township Oct. 2: S & T Properties Inc., a property to Matthew Harrison, $175,000 Oct. 10: Vincent Kendig, a property to Christina Wood, $50,000 Oct. 15: Anthony Spinnicchia, Dalia Spinnicchia and Patricia Reutlinger, a property to Margaret Mary Maher and Richard Todd Thompson, $205,000 Oct. 17: Ana Rivera, a property to Carlos Garcia Oca, $22,500 Oct. 17: Octavio Duque and Beatriz E. Duque, a property to Joseph Curry and Patricia Curry, $5,000 Oct. 21: Daniel Ardito, Esther Lyman Ardito, Esther Lymanardito, a property to Mary Ellen Beckner, Richard Vellluzzi, Anne Rauscher, Daniel Ardto, Ester Lyman Ardito and Ester Lymanardito, $5,000 Oct. 28: Glenn Sheppard, a property to Neil Kelly, $2,000 Oct. 31: Henry Charles Ross TR, Errol C. Flynn TR and Ernest E. Ross Sr. EST. a property to Cheryl Lynne Brewer and Henry C. Ross, $120,000 Mount Pleasant Township Oct. 2: Gail F. Sherman One Nine Nine Six Revocable and Gail F. Sherman TR, a property to William F. O’Hara and Jane F. O’Hara, $1 Oct. 7: Frank J. Smith and Donnamarie Smith, a property to William R. and Suzanne Laird, $250,000 Oct. 15: Trish Tyler Davis ADM., Trish Tylerdavis ADM and Charles Alan Clark EST, a property to Anthony A. Ripani and Angela Ripani, $420,000 Oct. 15: Kenneth Halbach and Joan L. Halbach, a property to Jeffrey S. and Laura Denbleyker, $300,000 Oct. 28: Albert Brown, a property to Robert Palmer, $92,000 Oct. 29: Patricia Pacenski, a property to Christopher S. Coyne, $72,000 Oct. 30: Louis E. Meyer Jr., a property to Brian D. Schray, $14,000 Oregon Township Oct. 7: Bernard M. Tallman EXR, John Paul Tallman AKA EST and John P. Tallman AKA EST, a property to Jorge I. Castano and Sarah Schwartz, $162,500 Oct. 8: Michael C. rogers and April R. Rogers, a property to Monica A. Cadus, $235,000 Oct. 30: Leroy E. Skinner and Janet H. Skinner, a property to Thomas M. French $85,000 Paupack Township Oct. 3: George A. Christiansen Jr. and Bernadette S. Christiansen, a property to Nicholas and Mary Ellen Lovecchio, $450,000 Oct. 4: Jeffrey Robert and Christine Ann Smith, a property to Joseph P. and Patricia S. Blaum, $187,500 Oct. 4: Bertram Lutton, a property to Curtis P. and Carolyn Tripoli $125,000 Oct. 9: Richard and Diane Tusinski, a property to Timothy Baltimore and Sheila G. Smith, $135,000 Oct. 10: Theodore and Laurie Couillou, a property to Yardslav and Olga Olovyannikov, $16,500 Oct. 10: Andrew H. and Kathleen K. Rice, a property to Barry and Nora Beck,$105,000 Oct. 15: Wells Fargo Bank TR By AF and Homeward Residential Inc. AF, a property to Michel Chalhoub, $14,299 Oct. 16; Claire Kennedy Imrich TR, Lauren Kennedy Imrich TR and Claire Kennedy Imrich Living Trust, a property to Aaron A. and Lori A. Chambers, $130,000 Oct. 16: John N. Sheets and Diane M. Sheets, a property to Louis and Eva Vieni, $250,000 Oct. 16: Michael A. Gawell and Valerie M. Skripek, a property to Otari Doborjginidze and Jetevan Narsavidze, $237,500 Oct. 16: David E. and Judith Z. Knipe, a property to Laurie J. Hoefling, $980,000 Oct. 17: Thomas Wallace EXR, Dennis P. Wallace EXR, and Helen M. Wallace EST, a property to Kenneth L. Hoefling, $137,500 Oct. 18: Debra A. Savageau EXR, Janet S. McGuigan EST AKA, and Janet S. Ager EST AKA, a property to Carolee M. Bergey, $20,850 Oct. 18: Mario Savidis and Eleni Savidis, a property to Cheryl A. Cooperhatch and Cheryl A. Cooper Hatch, $140,000 Oct. 18: Yolanda Braun, a property to Bettina Bonsall, $312,500 Oct. 22: Frank Ferguson, a property to John and Evelyn Ferguson, $1 Oct. 29: Patricia Schmidt, a property to Mitchell D. Jacobs, $153,000 Preston Township Oct. 1: Gloria A. Czapnik, a property to Robert P. Murphy and Teresa S. Fischer, $165,000 Oct. 8: Pedro A. Lescaille and Norma M. Lescaille, a property to Sergio Soccodato and P Oct. 16: DavidJ J. Dewey, Linda R. Dewey and Joseph C. Dewey, Paul Soccodato, $305,000 Oct. 16: David J. Dewey, Linda R. Dewey and Joseph C. Dewey, a property to Scott Hasselbarth and Michelle Hasselbarth, $20,000 Oct. 18: Jeanette A. Bothroyd, a property to Steven and Brigit Finley, $10,000 Oct. 20: Susquehanna Conference United Methodist and Board of Trustees Susquehanna Conference, a property to Karen O’Connor, $30,000 Prompton Borough Oct. 24: Jeanne Nicholas EXR, Doris Frey EST AKA and Doris A. Frey, a property to Chase L. and Tegan J. Holl, $1 Oct. 24: Jeanne Nicholas EXR, Doris Frey EST AKA and Doris A. Frey EST AKA, a property to Chase L. and Tegan J. Holl, $76,000 Salem Township Oct. 7: Julia Gurka Kubaska TR and Allan J. Carta Revocable Trust, a property to Mark G. Simone and Monika T. Simone, $118,000 Oct. 7: Noemy Araujo, a property to Marlow Davila, $100,000 Oct. 10: Douglas E. Dinger and Agnes S. Dinger, a property to Michael and Danielle Mancino, $1,500 Oct. 15: Janice E. Chamberlain, a property to Rosa Hochbruechner, $131,000 Oct. 15: Edna Diana Oling, a property to James A. and Verna Marceron, $118,000 Oct. 15: U S Bank Trust TR by AF and Caliber Home Loans Inc. AF, a property to Bruce A. and Kathlyn A. Popko, $50,000 Oct. 17: Dime Bank, a property to Robert and Michelle Jaeger, $140,000 Oct. 18: Sharon Gayle Palmer, a property to John Sepelyak Jr, Sara T. Malcolm Sepelyak and Sara T. Malcolmsepelyak, $225,500 Oct. 18: Kathleen Tsaousis and Charlene Breuler, a property to Geoffrey J. Obici and Donald H. Obici, $145,000 Oct. 28: Elaine Intelisano, a property to Ralph P. and Norma J. Mele, $8,000 Oct. 29: Sanford N. Groendyke Living Trust and Sanford N. Groendyke, a property to Robert Degman and Martha Bogle, $530,000 Oct. 30: Francis Petracca AKA, Frances Petracca AKA, Francesca Petracca AKA, Alfonso and Rrosa Deleo, a property to Ronald and Darla L. Vogel, $212,000 Scott Township Oct. 15: E H Pooled Investments L, a property to T N K Properties, $50,9 00 Oct. 18: Charles and Rita Ficarro, a property to James A. and Paulette R. Bronson, $31,500 South Canaan Township Oct. 22: A. Bates AKA, Amber Bates AKA and Chad Weigelt, a property to James Bradford Lidstone and Rosemarie A. Lidstone, $170,000 Oct. 25: Veterans Affairs, a property to Gerald Edwards, $115,000 Oct. 25: Donna Salko, a property to Donald and Tiffany McDonough, $40,000 Oct. 28: Joseph E. and Cheryl L. Devitt, a property to Judy K. Burkhardt, $5,000 Sterling Township Oct. 17: Zachary Adam, a property to Douglas Light, $17,500 Oct. 18: Cherie Miller, a property to Eric Davis, $10,000 Oct. 23: Donald J. and Tiffany McDonough, a property to Kenneth J. Clark, $111,000 Oct. 25: Laurence Stevens, a property to Analab, $5,000 Texas Township 1 & 2 Oct. 1: Honesdale National Bank, a property to Dirlam & Firmstone, $96,000 Oct. 3: Anne Sarah Vickers AKA and Ann Sarah Vickers AKA, a property to Ellen Memorial Heath Care Center Honesdale, $144,000 Oct. 7: Louise Schweitzer, a property to Jerome F. Johannes III and Lynn M. Johannes, $2,500 Oct. 18: John J. Martin, a property to Family Vision Care Associates P C, $160,000 Oct. 21: John A. and Gayle Praitano, a property to James and Valerie A. Grossman, $55,000 Texas Township 3 Oct. 11: Joyce Burdick AKA by AF, Joyce E. Burdick AKA by AF and Linda Shuman AF, a property to Jeffrey E. Watson, Jay M. Watson, James W. Watson, Mark C. Watson, Scott M. Watson and Michelle D. McConnell, $45,000 Oct. 16: George Carey and Janet Carey, a property to Benjamin M. and Jessica M. Schmitt, $28,000 Waymart Borough Oct. 2: Barbara Horst EXR, Daniel Makulowich EST AKA and Daniel E. Makulowich EST AKA, a property to Stanton D. Rush and Stepheny M. Rush, $65,000