The third annual Chili Cook-off took place in Wayside Park and turned out to be a big success. The Chili Cook-off is sponsored by Waymart Area Parties in the Park (WAPP). The first place prize was $200, second place was $100 and third place was $50. WAPP said there were 23 entrants and 272 people came to taste the chili. Live music was also provided by Mace in Dickson. This year's cook-off was interesting in the fact that the first place winner won second place last year and the second place winner this year won first place last year. The winning chili was “Four Chili,” which was made by the team of Lyndsie Ashby, Grace Grimm, Caroline Linn and Dominic Maglione. They donated their $200 prize to Wayne Woodlands Manor. Second place went to the chili called “Lil' Sweet Lil' Heat,” made by Chris Evanitsky. He donated his $100 to Fallen Heroes. Third place went to the boys team, who beat the girls team with their chili. Keep up to date with events sponsored by WAPP by liking their Facebook page called Waymart Area Parties in the Park (WAPP).