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  • Nestled above Main Street in Honesdale, Austin Joy works with precision on a piece of art.
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  • – Nestled above Main Street in Honesdale, Austin Joy works with precision on a piece of art. Joy is the owner of The Joy of Art, a conservation studio that specializes in the restoration and framing of fine art. “I've been in this location a little over a week,” he said. Joy has been restoring artwork since 2006 and has a degree in art history with a concentration in art restoration. “I apprenticed for six years in a studio in Connecticut,” he added. After completing his training, he became self employed, and stayed so for the past few years. “Restoration is a very detailed process,” he said. “You have to be very detail oriented.” While he works primarily with paintings in frames, he does perform some paper restoration as well. Joy works to restore many facets of fine art, from the piece itself to the frame that surrounds it. “I didn't want to be just a frame shop,” he said. “By combining the two services, it adds a little something to the finished product.” Joy works with high quality materials, including acid free mats, and strives to keep the sources of his materials local. He says the restoration process “usually takes at least four weeks,” and that there is constant communication with the owner of the piece. “I have the owner send pictures and general information about the piece” to get a feel for the type of work needed. The Joy of Art offers painting restoration, including cleaning, puncture and tear repair, flaking repair and stabilization, varnish removal and more. The frame restoration services offered include cleaning, loss repair, recasting, gilding, refinishing and lining and insert repair. To submit a piece for repair, or to learn more about Joy, visit www.the-joy-of-art.com or call 845-798-5884. Walk-ins are also welcome.
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