They did it again!

They did it again!

My Eagles came out with another win-and again against a team not many people saw them beating.

I think it's one of the many reasons I love being a fan of this team. Even in all these moments (which are many) that everyone is counting them out, they turn right around and prove them all wrong. Not to mention it gives the fanbase something to cheer about.

I've written about my love for sports and my teams so you already know I'm not one to just abandon my teams when the going gets rough.

Of course I get frustrated when they don't win or when they make stupid mistakes, but it's all part of the game too. Someone has to lose and someone has to win. Sports fans have to accept that and remember that your team isn't always going to be the winner.

I guess you could say this season has been rough on the Eagles, but they are in pretty good shape compared to some teams. Snicker if you dare, but we didn't start off 0-6 and it also didn't take until week nine to even get a win-just saying.

One of the most frustrating things this season isn't really that we have yet to win a home game or that we aren't on top of the NFC East (yet…), but it's the ordeal with the quarterback situation.

I'm not writing this to rant and rave why Nick Foles deserves the starting position over Michael Vick, but the fact that everyone is underestimating Foles.

Every time I turn around I'm hearing something bad against this guy. Um…you do know he threw seven touchdown passes against the Raiders right (or that by doing so, he tied an NFL record)?

How about his accuracy and the fact that he joins Tom Brady as the only quarterbacks in NFL history to have 10+ touchdowns and 0 interceptions in a two-game span in a single season? He's not a long-range thrower? Really? Do I really need to get into how many times there've been larger reception completions?

I could go into so much more. And you have to remember he's only 24. He's not having a bad start to a career at all.

I'm not going to say that the Eagles are now the best team in the league and I'm not saying Foles is the biggest hot shot, but you definitely can't deny this guy is awesome!

Even with his seven touchdown throws against the Raiders, people were trying to undermine it by saying it was all "luck." I know the Raiders aren't much of a team (as compared to other teams), but you can't say that Foles wasn't a factor in making them crumble. He's not perfect and has had his share of mistakes (like that Dallas game that people keep judging him for), but he's shown so much success and has really been an asset to my team.

The Eagles still have a lot of work to do, but they are coming along. They're getting their act together more, the offense under Chip Kelly is starting to pull together and even the defense is getting there. It's always a team effort, but it's about time that people stop trying to make excuse or come up with lame reasons to undermine Nick Foles, and accept that he's a great player.

If he's doing all this and he's only 24, I can only imagine what more practice and experience in the NFL will give him and what kind of career he's going to have.

I really hope he remains an Eagle throughout that career, but he'll still be a player I'll keep an eye out for no matter what.

Sports, especially football it seems, is an area where you can have as much success as possible, but people will judge you and call you a bad player from one bad day or one huge mistake, even if it isn't repeated. They will always remember those bad moments and will base reasoning off those moments to try and say a player won't go far "because remember that one time…"

People need to stop focusing on the negative so much and realize that we are all human beings and we are all going to make mistakes. It doesn't mean a player is any less of a player. Not every game is going to be "perfect." You just have to remember that mistakes are part of it and that the players can still do amazing things.

It's been a tough realm for Eagles fans, but the loyal ones have and always will stick by the team. Nick Foles has definitely added to the factor of being optimistic for this franchise. He is one of the major reasons to have hope for a season and that we'll get better. I truly believe he's given that same hope to his teammates and they have great chemistry as a whole. It's awesome being an Eagles fan and seeing the transition that's taking place as we speak.

I will always carry the phaith with the Eagles.

Waters is a staff writer for The Wayne Independent and can be reached at