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Go Bananas!
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By Mazzenga Daniels
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By Mazzenga Daniels
Oct. 31, 2013 10:47 p.m.

Ok, so we all know bananas are good. The real question is HOW good? Why are they good? What about them makes them a near perfect food? Seriously. Their benefits reach far and wide. From relieving itch, to polishing shoes. Keeping your skin healthy is as easy as having a ripe banana handy.

  • Bananas contain prebiotics that increase the good bacteria in your intestines to help keep you regular.

  • Being low in calories and a bit sweet means they are a great addition as a snack in place of a sweet, higher calorie option. Apparently, just the smell of a banana has the ability to suppress your appetite.

  • Replace that Gatorade with a banana while working out. Bananas have all the carbs you need in addition to antioxidants to help speed recovery. They also have incredible electrolyte-balancing properties making them a perfect post-workout snack.

  • They can be enjoyed anywhere, anytime as they have their own protective skin to travel around in. this makes them portable, and convenient.

  • Filled with vitamins C & B6, bananas are a great way to boost your energy when it feels like you aren't going make it through the day.

  • Due to bananas containing magnesium, they are a wonderful way to pick yourself up when your feeling down.

  • Another nutrient bananas are high in is potassium. This makes them a great choice for people suffering from high blood pressure. The potassium in bananas is a good way to balance your sodium levels if you have too much in a day.

    With all this to love about bananas, why wouldn't you keep them around? For more information, http://www.appforhealth.com/2013/05/health-benefits-of-bananas/ is a good article to read. For more nutritional information, contact the Wayne County YMCA at (570) 253-2083.

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