Expected completion by Christmas

-Crews have been hard at work on replacing an area bridge all year and the project is coming along well.

Started in February, the project has included replacing the bridge on State Route 3028, Owego Turnpike, over State Route 191.

PennDOT has been working with Leeward Construction on the project. The expected completion date of the project was April of next year, but Leeward says otherwise.

“We're hoping to have it open to traffic by Christmastime even though the original schedule was for April or May of next year,” said Gary Linde, vice president for Leeward Construction.

On Tuesday crews were setting the beams for the bridge. Linde said that after that they'll move into pouring the deck and starting the roadwork.

“Roadwork will be happening within the next two weeks,” he said.

The access road from Owego Turnpike to SR 191 will then be open for motorist use.

“The detour will go back to what it was before,” Linde stated. “We just shut it down to do the roadwork for that section.”

Roadwork will also include paving both approaches.

“It's wider for 191, but it's also taller, so it doesn't restrict oversize loads coming up and down the highway,” Linde explained.

He said they are “a little bit ahead of schedule.”

Weather hasn't been a huge factor in the project as of late.

“We're hoping it stays like this until Christmas,” Linde said. “The spring was tough with the rain, but obviously these last three months have been dry for us so that's been a plus.”

He added that Leeward self performs “almost all of the work” on the project other than guide rails and stuff at the end.

“I'm happy with how the project is going,” Linde stated. “We're also happy to have a job this close to the office.”