LAKEVILLE - On Sunday, Oct. 20, at 3 p.m., Richard Daly of Mastic Beach, N.Y. broke the official record for the "Worlds fast time to carve 60 ice sculptures."

LAKEVILLE - On Sunday, Oct. 20, at 3 p.m., Richard Daly of Mastic Beach, N.Y. broke the official record for the "Worlds fast time to carve 60 ice sculptures."

This record had been held by Richard Bubin from Pittsburgh, who accomplished the feat in four hours and 20 minutes.

The new world record, verified by a Guinness Adjudicator on site, was set by Daly in just two hours, 52 minutes and 12 seconds in The Ice House (home of Crystal Cabin Fever and Night at the Ice Museum) at Sculpted Ice Works facility in Lakeville.

How he did it

Daly carved each piece in two to three minutes and was supported by a team of six who moved everything needed for him to focus on the craft.

The criteria for a "sculpture" was that it was carved 3D and is a recognizable shape or design and on a verified industry standard 300 pound ice block, measuring 10" x 20" and 40" tall.

Only Rich could 'alter' the shape of the block, but his team moved each block in place on five different carving stations.

A paper template was placed on the blocks with water, then Rich carved the piece while having tools handed to him.

One team member just held a clock to let him know when he hit one minute, two minutes and three minutes, so he knew it was time to finish up.

When Rich felt he was done, he turned to the Guinness World Record Adjudicator who gave him a "thumbs up."

In less than 10 seconds, Rich was carving his next piece, while the crew around him moved the finish piece carefully with ice tongs to display behind him on a lighted platform.

Then the team removed all the debris, snow and ice chunks and reset the station with new 300 pound ice block and placed his next template on the block for him.

Of course with only a few minutes on each sculpture, the designs were basic with simple details, but clear shapes to the hundreds of onlookers at Ice Works second annual The Night at the Ice Museum event, running through this weekend.

Primary tools used were Stihl electric chainsaws (with chain modified for speed), die grinder with a 5" rotary knife, die grinder with a 4" long by 1" diameter burr bit and a lot of "muscle" by Daly.

Daly stated, "I had a great team and couldn't have done it without them, hardly a bump in the road," while thanking everyone who helped and attended his successful attempt.

He was awarded an official framed certificate and will be placed in the Guinness World Record Book's next edition, "still the third largest published seller, after the Bible and the Koran," said Michael Empric from Guinness World Records.

Mark Crouthamel, owner of Sculpted Ice Worksm was excited for the attempt and "proud to host this unique event."

The record attempt was held inside "The Ice House" event barn at Ice Works in Lakeville during the first weekend of their second annual "The Night at the Ice Museum" family fun fall event, featuring wine tasting, hay rides, carved pumpkins, factory tour of the ice plant and Harvest Museum and more.