TEXAS TOWNSHIP-During Monday night's meeting of the Texas Township Supervisors, the resignation of Rick Southerton was read.

TEXAS TOWNSHIP-During Monday night's meeting of the Texas Township Supervisors, the resignation of Rick Southerton was read.

Southerton was recently hired as the Honesdale Borough Police Commissioner for $45,000 and said he doesn't have enough time to be able to do both.

His letter reads as follows:

Dear Supervisors Doney and Wickle,

I hereby officially tender my resignation from the Texas Township Board of Supervisors, effective at the conclusion of this evening's meeting.

I have recently accepted a full time position as Honesdale Borough Police Commissioner and as such, foresee a substantial reduction of time and availability to adequately perform the duties and responsibilities a supervisor's position requires. I feel it is best for me to step aside so that someone with the desire and ability to devote the adequate time and energy required by the position can be sought.

It has been a rewarding experience and I thank everyone for the opportunities afforded me through my service to the township. If I can be of any assistance during the time it will take to fill the position, please do not hesitate to ask.

Best Regards,

Richard G. Southerton

“You've all been very good to me,” Southerton said. “I appreciate it.”

Other business

• Seelyville Fire Chief Dan Hiller asked if there was anything that could be done about signage on some roads in the township.

“On October 8 we were dispatched for an automatic alarm in the area of 316 Laurel Drive,” he said. “In responding to this alarm we found out there are two Laurel Drives. Going by the first Laurel Drive coming from 191 is marked. The second Laurel Drive is not marked or has a wooden sign on a mailbox. I'm here to see if the township can do something for better sign markings up in that area.”

He said that the first problem they have is that there are “many Laurel Drives” up there. He said these include Laurel Hill, Laurel Hill Estates and the two Laurel Drives.

“We were given a name of the residence,” he said. “The problem with that area is that there are multiple families with that last name so that didn't help. Going up there, the second Laurel Drive is not marked, Nature's Drive is not marked and the Shady Lane entrance to Pinnacle Drive is not marked.

“You may say this isn't that big of a deal but to a first responder, if three fire trucks go up the wrong Laurel Drive and then we find out the fire is on the second Laurel Drive, we have a hard time backing fire trucks out. Everyone knows that seconds and minutes are imperative to an emergency situation.”

He said in that particular case there was no fire and it was a “false alarm,” but stressed that the next time it might not be a false alarm.

“You may also say the comm center should tell us, the second Laurel Drive, or the first, but they didn't,” Hiller stated. “I'm looking for some support on maybe correcting the road name issues up there.”

Southerton stated that everything above Shady Lane is a private development and asked Hiller if he was looking for signs on Shady Lane. Hiller said yes, “so we can turn off it.”

Hiller added that Laurel Drive and Deer Lane are marked, but the road in between is the “road I'm talking about.”

“If you look at that on GoogleMaps that's a complete road, but it's not,” he said.

Supervisor Allan Wickle said that section was a horse shoe at one time, but said it was “never completed.”

“Could we drive through there? Maybe,” said Hiller. “Not if it's muddy and it doesn't get plowed. I'm not looking so much for my firemen. We have mutual aid companies that come in that area and if we're driving around all these roads looking for a particular house and there's no smoke, it's a lot harder to find.”

Hiller said that Nature's Drive is not off Shady Lane, but going up Deer Lane, there is a sign for Pinnacle Drive. However, he also said that if you “go all the way around” back to Shady Lane, there “is no sign there.”

“There's three roads and only two you can see from Shady Lane,” Hiller said. “I understand, like you said, it's private but you have to go through a township road to get up to it. Like I said with the Laurel you have four different roads there.”

Chairman Don Doney said that the residents on that road “have to agree on a name.” He said “that's not something” they can just do.

“I think part of what he's asking is when it comes to Shady Lane, he's asking us to put signs down there,” Southerton stated.

“Yea, so we can know which road we are going to,” Hiller said. “Right now there's a Laurel Drive and a Laurel Drive, so I went up the first Laurel Drive and couldn't find the house number. I called them and they said it's the second on the right, but that was 460.”

He said since the number didn't match he asked for a name and that he was “sitting next to a name of a house.”

All of the roads being mentioned are “to the left” of Shady Lane.

“We can put a Laurel sign and put another saying Laurel Lane,” said Wickle.

“We can't change the name,” Doney said.

“He's not asking us to do that,” Southerton said.

“What he said is confusing is there are two Laurel Drives,” Doney stated.

“Because technically they connect, but there's no paved or dirt connection,” Hiller said. “There's a yard.”

He said he would “like to not” have two Laurel Drives, but if Pinnacle was marked “that would be a help.”

“See that's where my problem is, if you're going to put Laurel Drive there, now I still have two Laurel Drives,” Hiller said. “It can be marked all it wants, but I don't know which one to go up to. There's a lot of confusion. We get called there and we don't know where to go.”

“I don't know if there's anything we can do if the residents don't want to change the name,” said Southerton.

Hiller asked if they could talk to the residents and “see if they're interested” in doing that.

“It's just I have two Laurel Drives so it's pick one,” Hiller stated. “And if there's no smoke or it's dark and I don't see flames, I go up one and hope it's that one. In a perfect world the comm center tells me which road it is. Sometimes that doesn't happen. Like I said no smoke or flames makes it tough.”

“The problem is that road was supposed to have been completed,” said Doney. “Like you say it's not maintained.”

“Is there something you can look into for this?” Hiller asked.

“We can do something about marking the two Laurel Drives,” said Doney.

Hiller restated that one of the Laurel Drives is marked and that it's the second Laurel Drive and Pinnacle that aren't.

“I mean people aren't going to change their address to Laurel Drive two,” said Doney.

“Can we leave it this way because I don't really know the answer to how to change a road,” asked Southerton. “We can ask. I guess the solicitor would be the first one to ask. Maybe some of the people we can go up and ask. I think we could at least buy signs for Pinnacle and maybe leave a sign up at Laurel until we figure it out.”

“I don't think the township can buy signs for Pinnacle since it's off Laurel you said, right?” asked Doney.

“No Pinnacle is off of Deer but it comes back to Shady down further towards White Mills,” Hiller said. “Pinnacle is a dirt road.”

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